Kim Khardashian Divorces

by on March 7th, 2015
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According to several celebrity sites including TMZ, celebrity Kim Khardashian has filed for divorce following a fairy tale wedding just 72 days ago. Married in a ceremony that was publicized almost as much as the royal wedding of Prince William, the newlywed couple has split due to irreconcilible differences of where they will live.

Reports are that NBA player, Kris Humphries wanted to live in Minnesota while Kim didn’t want to leave her family in California. The Khardashian clan made elaborate plans for the August wedding with many celebrities being invited as well as family and friends. The black and white themed wedding was all caught non television in a E! special to showcase the reality star in her new role as wife.

The wedding cost an estimated $10 million and was watched by over 4 million viewers. With her 20 karat engagement ring that was reported to have cost 2 million dollars, the couple only stayed together about 103,000 minutes. At age 31, Kim will earn another reality title after this as the Khardashian who was married the least amount of time.

Kris Humphries says that he is committed to his wife and that he was surprised by the announcement that she had filed for divorce. Some rumors are that he was only looking for fame and rumors that the whole wedding was just for publicity could really make people wonder. After all the wedding earned the couple an estimated 18 million dollars, so it was certainly a money maker for them.

The marriage is over and all eyes will be on this couple to see where each of them will head next. Rumors are that Kim has reportedly had lunch with her ex boyfriend, so I am sure that eyes will be on who she is seen with following the divorce.

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