Justin Bieber’s ‘F-You’ Episode Gets Too Many Excuses – Except that it was Wrong!

by on December 28th, 2010
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COMMENTARY | Justin Bieber yelling “F-You” to a fan and then flipping her off is just plain obnoxious and uncalled-for. No matter how it’s sugar-coated, Justin made a mistake. It doesn’t erase all the good deeds he’s done in the past, but it does mean that he lost his cool and made a sizable error in public, which doesn’t come with an excuse that makes this behavior alright because of who he is or what he’s done in the past.

Some of Justin’s fans say he was “defending his family,” as he offers an apology for swearing, but not for coming to his family’s defense. How is shouting profanity at a girl in front of his very impressionable little brother and sister an act of “defending his family”? He knows the drill by know, he’s a superstar and going to Disneyland for the day is bound to drum up attention for the “Baby” singer, especially when he’s with another superstar, Selena Gomez.

If the two girls following Justin were as bothersome as being reported, it could easily get taken care of by asking a security guard at the park to step in. They “provoked” Justin’s verbal attack, according to Hot Hits. If that were the case, it’s understandable that he got upset, but again, the average person would just need to tell security at the park they’re being harassed.

How would Justin feel if when his little sister is old enough to have an idol and that idol flipped her off and said “F-You” to her because she wouldn’t stop taking his picture? The way he feels about his siblings, he’d probably need to get held down from going after the guy. The girl that he directed his behavior to is probably someone’s little sister.

The incident called for a totally different reaction than what Justin did at the time. He said what he did not only in front of his own young siblings, but also in earshot of any of the other kids on the ride he was on while yelling and flipping off the girl. He made a mistake, he’s human, but what he did was wrong and there’s no getting around that.

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