Inspired by the HTC Inspire

by on November 25th, 2014
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When my iPhone died a few months ago, I was very upset to find out that I would have to wait 2 weeks to be eligible for my upgrade. Since I had been so happy with the previous two iPhones my plan was to simply replace it with the newer version. Since I use my phone so much in my daily business life as a Realtor and having long been a Google fan, I decided to do a little research on the various Android phones available. After reading several reviews and comparisons, I opted to purchase the HTC Inspire. Not once have I regretted this decision.

The HTC Inspire is a little wider than most of the smartphones. It has a beautiful 4.3″ screen that shows clear, crisp pictures. This is a must have in my line of work. When I pull up pictures and specifics on a home while out in the field with clients, they can actually see them. In addition, this phone has a fabulous 8MP camera with LED flash. This allows me to take great pictures while out and about whether showing property and or working on listing property. The camera also allows you to edit right on the phone. An absolute timesaver! Transfer of data from my iPhone was as easy as laying them next to each other and asking the HTC to import the data.

One of the best things about this smartphone is the ease of use. I can have several apps or programs open and running at the same time and still have the speed I need to actually use them. There are various different screens that allow you to sort your apps and organize them by work, personal, etc. One of my pages is the “Friend stream” which puts all updates from my Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts all in one spot. I can post to all three from here too. And of course, I had to have the ability to play Words with Friends!

If there is a potential downside to the HTC Inspire it is probably going to be size. It is a little bigger and a little heavier than many other smartphones. However, in my case, I had to keep my iPhone in the industrial strength Otter Box to protect it. I tend to be a little rough on phones in my line of work. The HTC Inspire is holding up and performing beyond my expectations.

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