Ideas for Cub Scout Family Camping

by on January 15th, 2011
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Cub Scouts typically host a day when the whole family joins in on camping fun and activities. Use the following ideas to plan, purchase and prepare activities and give them your own twist. Get together with other parents for a meet-and-greet before the actual camp out to finalize activities and assign tasks.

Three Fun Games for All Ages

“Marshmallow Kick, Throw and Blow” is a game everyone will enjoy playing. Give each Cub Scout three marshmallows. Then have the cubs kick their marshmallow as far as they can while parents measure the final distance. Next, tell the cubs to throw their marshmallow as far as they can, and finally, have them blow their marshmallow. Award prizes to the first, second and third place winners.

“Brain Bender” teaches cubs to solve math riddles while having fun. To begin, provide the Cub Scouts with a one-, three- and a five-gallon plastic jug. Use a water hose for your water supply. Pair the kids up and ask them to bring jugs containing a specified amount of water to the judges. For example, a parent could say, “Give me a jug holding two gallons of water.” As the game progresses, make it trickier by giving them directions such as: “Give me a container holding exactly four gallons of water,” and so on.

The “Anti-Gravity Tent Pole” is a favorite that gets the whole group involved. Divide your scouts into two teams. Tell each team to form a line and stand face-to-face, about two feet apart. Have everyone extend a finger like they’re pretending to shoot a gun, with their arms bent at the elbows. Next, lay a tent pole across each team’s line of fingers. Have a parent give instructions to lower and raise the pole. The team that completes the task without dropping the pole wins. This is a great game to reinforce teamwork, concentration and buddy support.

Top Dog Cub Chef

Dedicate an afternoon to hold a hot dog cook-off contest. Give prizes for the best hot dog creations and creative use of condiments, using titles like: “Top Crazy Cub Dog” for dogs and buns in unusual shapes. Award a prize for the “Top Dog Cub Chef.”

Night at the Cub Talent Show

Plan a talent show night, Cub Scout style. Have the cub scout leader or a parent make fliers to give notice prior to your camping trip. That way, cubs, parents and family members can rehearse and sharpen their acts for show time. Select categories like comedy, skits, music and dance. The Boy Scout Trail website is full of cub favorites. Ask parents to contribute money to purchase cub gear for the prize winners on the night of the show.

“Dangerous Book for Boys” Kick-Off

Use the best-selling book “Dangerous Book for Boys” by Conn and Hal Iggulden to host a get-together before the camp out. Go through the book for ideas of activities for the campout. Have everyone take a vote at the end of the kick off meeting to select the activities, plan shopping lists and team members.

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