How to Submit Your Creative Writing Assignment on Storybird

by on June 28th, 2013
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Has your child received an assignment to write a short story? Want to have one of the best projects submitted in his/her class? Well, then you must become familiar with Storybird . This creative website allows children to create, publish, and print their short stories in minutes!

All you have to do is sign up for a Storybird account. This account will allow you to create, publish, email, and print the story you created. The coolest thing about this site is that you can pick from a set of pictures for each new story you create. This was a favorite in my classroom. I did creative writing, with my elementary students, three times a year utilizing Storybird. Every time we started, you wouldn’t hear a peep in the classroom!

This site allows even the novice writer to build writing fluency by creating pictorial cues that allow the story to unfold naturally. Most children need prompts to help their creative juices flow, and this will produce a stream. All your child has to do is flip through various storyline photos, and BAM! Easy story created! There will be no more temper tantums after a visit to this site. More importantly, those that love to write will use it again and again.

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