How to Repair a Hole in the Wall

by on October 29th, 2014
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Over the winter, the pipe to our outside faucet had split due to the extreme cold. We didn’t know it was split until we went to use the faucet in the spring and ended up with no water pressure and a huge puddle inside our house. We had a professional come in to cut open the wall and replace the pipe that split. Embarrassing to admit, we did not know that we had a water shut-off valve inside the house (upstairs) and that would have saved us quite a hassle. To save money, we decided to repair the drywall that covered the hole ourselves. To my surprise, it’s a pretty easy process, but rather time consuming. This article specifically explains how we repaired our hole in the wall.

Supplies you need:

Joint tape
Broad joint knife
Joint compound
Fine sand block
Tarp to protect work area
Paint and painting supplies

What to do:

Cover your work area. Because the drywall was so close to the baseboard, we had to pull the baseboard away from the wall before we got started.

Use the joint knife to smooth out any rough spots at the seam of the wall and drywall. Tape the seams.

Mix the joint compound until smooth. Using the joint knife, cover the seams as smooth as possible with 2-4 inches on both sides of the tape and allow to dry, at least 24 hours.

The next day, use the fine sand block to smooth the compound and repeat the above steps.

Once the seams are covered, thoroughly dried and smooth to your liking, paint the wall as usual.

It is very useful to learn small home repair projects when you’re a homeowner. It can save you a lot of money and give you pride of a job well-done when you’ve done it yourself.

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