How to Perform a Free Dallas County Warrants and Public Records Search Online

by on March 7th, 2015
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Nothing could be easier than doing your own arm chair investigation by searching Dallas County, Texas warrants and public records free online. Suspicious about your daughter’s new boyfriend or the man who moved in across the street? In Dallas, the powers that be make it very easy to find out if someone you know has warrants for their arrest, previous convictions, owes back taxes, is still married or is a deadbeat dad – or mom – and doesn’t pay child support.

The link to the free Dallas County, Texas online public records search is at the end of this article. To learn about state-wide searches read my article How to Perform a Free Texas Warrant Search Online.

Dallas County, Wanted: Search Dallas County, Texas arrest warrants for free at the counties website. On the homepage, look at the right side-bar and “click” on “Dallas County Wanted.” The next page shows you the top five wanted people and then you can “click” a link to see the top 50. “Click” the blue “continue” button at the bottom of the page so you can search the Dallas County Wanted and Delinquent Offender Search Service. You can search by zip code, license plate number, vehicle identification number or name. That’s pretty cool you can search for Dallas County warrants by license plate number, huh?

Dallas County, Criminal Background: You don’t need more than someone’s last name to run a criminal background check in Dallas County, Texas for free. Just use the Dallas County Criminal Background Search Service website. I went there myself and typed “Williams” into the box and records on more than 10 people appeared with the alleged crimes alongside their names. “Click” on any name and you see a Dallas County – State of Texas court document that includes the case number, arrest date, warrant status and other outcomes.

Dallas County, Court Records: You can’t do a free search for court records in Dallas County, Texas by name, only by case number. The online access to court records is searchable in 13 languages including English, Spanish, Chinese and French.

Dallas County, Property Tax Lien: Instantly find out if the owner of a property you are interested in owes back taxes with the free online search for property tax liens in Dallas County, Texas is simple and easy. You don’t even need their name. You can search by the person’s name or the name of a business. You can also conveniently search Dallas County property tax liens by address without using a name.

Dallas County, Marriage License: Want to find out if your new boyfriend was married and to whom? You can do a free online search for Dallas County, Texas marriage licenses at the government website. “Click” on the icon, type their name into the box and there you go, a list of names appears. “Click on the name to find out when they got married and who they got married to.

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