How Real Witches Celebrate Halloween

by on February 4th, 2011
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Trick or Treat to some or a New Years celebration to the pagans, what is believed as typical witchcraft behavior on this night is hardly accurate from the horror movies. The peaceful celebration of Samhain, best described here from is a night where pagan celebrate the ending of the summer season and invite in the winter months. The veil between the world of the living and dead is at its thinnest, which is why older cultures left offering for loved ones and others that have crossed over and for the Gods. Modern pagans celebrate in much the same way, though like other religions we all have our variations.

I will leave out offering for two nights- at midnight on October 30th when Samhain begins and at midgnight October 31st when the festival ends. As an alternative to just celebrating Halloween, I will post a ritual for you to try. Please note, that the following is a Wiccian ritutal and we do not endorse ill will to others, inflecting harm, or believe in a Hell or devil. All rituals should be performed in a closed circle and the blessing and protection of the Divine Mother and Father as well as guardian spirits and Elemental Guardians should be asked to oversee the process. Do not leave the circle or invite anything in until everything is banished. Believe it or not, not all spirits are friendly and looking to be bothered. Do not take this warning lightly.

Show respect for anything you may encounter this evening.

While there are many different things that people do for ritual an easy thing for a beginner would be the following found here.

While I don’t much fancy the flowery words and pageantry of some of the larger covens, I leave out an offering of fruit, nuts, bread, next to some candles outside as an offering and light my candles for both nights. I mediate on goals I have for the next year, as growing my business on a piece of parchment and burn it in the flames of one of the candles.

Be sure to thank your guests after banishing the spirits. If not they have the potential to have unwanted stragglers hang around you. Blessed be.

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