How Beneficial Nitric Oxide is as a Supplement

by on May 25th, 2014
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It is explored that Nitric Oxide supplements benefits have been shown helpful to many individuals. It is a colorless gas at room temperature. Not surprisingly, given its name, nitric oxide is a chemical compound made up of the elements nitrogen and oxygen. Nitric oxide is a naturally-occurring substance in the human body. While we all have it for our bodies the amount varies radically from one person to another. That is why some people can benefit from the supplements.

In 1998, three scientists, Ignarro, Furchgott, and Murad, did in-depth physiological research. Their investigation was aimed at discovering the effects of it on the human body. The three did extensive research on what it does for the body and what effect increasing the amount of it through supplements has on the human body.

Their most significant discovery of their research was that nitrous oxide relaxes the walls of blood vessels, increasing the in blood flow in the body. Consequently, it lowers blood pressure. Better blood flow to vital organs and skeletal muscles improves their functioning. They also learned that the increase in blood flow to the heart was particularly helpful to people who had heart conditions like angina. This landmark work earned Ignarro, Furchgott and Murad the Nobel Prize in medicine in 1998.

Others who benefit from supplements are those who work out aggressively doing intense workouts, extreme body building and long cardiovascular exercises. One of nitric oxide’s uses is as a vasodilator. It helps move oxygen into your muscles when they need it most, stimulating muscle growth, strengthening the gains from exercise and helping to produce toned muscles. Replacing nitric oxide lost during these workouts is beneficial as it increases energy levels. Nitric oxide speeds up the blood supply that carries the nutrients to repair and maintain muscles.

Those with high natural levels of nitric oxide were found to have high immune responses and better-than-average wound healing. Even normal doses of nitric oxide naturally produced by your body greatly improve general health, good muscle development, and healthy blood flow. Supplements have been found to enhance all three of these areas.

A side effect of angina is a decrease of blood flow to extremities that often results in impotence. Ignarro, Furchgott, and Murad discovered that those who suffered impotence could benefit from supplements. While this was not one of the original intents of the supplements, ironically, the supplements are, perhaps, best and most famously known for their natural enhancement of sexual performance. By increasing the oxygen flow all over the body, nitric oxide acts to increase the blood flow and help those with erectile dysfunction.

Nitric oxide is a most powerful substance. It stimulates natural muscle growth, increases body strength and vitality and increases blood flow, thus improving the health of body organs-notably the cardiovascular system.

Explore the benefits of Nitric Oxide supplements. Discover what this substance can do for your body.

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