Holiday Cheer

by on March 7th, 2015
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It’s that time of year again when children laugh with glee.
As they race to find whats for them under the Christmas tree.
Their joyous laughter fills the homes, as their smiles warms the hearts of those that are around.

Outside the snow falls gently to the ground, adding to the pristine layer that is already on the ground.
Icicles hang from the trees shimmering with beauty.
As Winter decks himself for his soon coming bride.

The trees sparkle with the new falling snow, and children laughing and playing with abandon.
Christmas cheer is all around, carolers singing from town to town.
Colorful lights reflecting on the snow in a rainbow of color.

Christmas trees all decked out with icicles, garland of greens and reds.
Ornaments gathered and hung from there dusty boxes.
The angel placed so carefully a top the tree, to watch over the festivities.

Presents wrapped so gaily with bright colored bows, and cute name tags to show who they belong to.
Family and friends from miles around come to celebrate this Holiday season.
And remembering Christmases past and the joy that they felt.

They embrace this season with light and happy hearts.
As the joy is felt from home to home.
Neighbors sharing with neighbors, and friends renewing old friendships.

This Holiday season has once again come to fill out hearts with joy,laughter and cheer.
As we gather our family and friends closer for yet another year.

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