Having to Shop and Shop Again for Auto Insurance

by on October 21st, 2010
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Several years ago, I had to buy a car because my previous car had its transmission die and was not worth operating. Due to changes in my state’s laws, I had stopped insuring my vehicle whose transmission had died and had gone without car insurance for nearly a year and half.

They Tell Me I Can’t Drive Off Of the Dealer’s Lot

I just signed the paperwork to buy my current vehicle but could not leave the dealership because I could not prove I had valid car insurance because it had become necessary to carry insurance, both for financing and to legally operate the vehicle. I had to buy a policy from the Finance & Insurance Manager from the dealership. If you are lucky enough to own a car when you replace it, do not cancel the insurance on the car you are replacing until you have insured your replacement vehicle, whether new or used.

Well, This Was a Raw Deal!

Looking at the cost of the auto insurance I purchased at the dealership, I was shocked at how much I was scheduled to pay. It was going to be a significant cost of my automobile expenses. That evening after buying my car, I decided to start shopping for a better deal on my auto insurance. The first insurer I checked was an insurer promoted my warehouse club. it was a reasonable offer, but I prefer to at least get two or three quotes. I had always heard good things about this insurer and considered them for those reasons.

Within two segments of a sporting event I was watching, three auto insurers aired advertising promoting auto insurance. The first one I checked offered a much better rate than the one I had bought from the dealership, but not as good as the insurer promoted by my warehouse club. The second company I checked out did not offer automobile insurance in my state. The third advertiser had been my previous insurer and they offered me the lowest price.

To this day, I am still with my insurer and am happy with their service. Just several days after adding roadside assistance to my insurance policy, I had needed to use it. After downloading the insurer’s mobile app, with just a handful of buttons, I was able to request a vehicle without having the insurers contact information.

Tips to Remember When Buying Auto Insurance

1. When buying a car, always have insurance before going to the dealer. If you do not, you will have to shop at a car dealership for insurance. A car dealer will never offer auto insurance that is in the best interest of your pocketbook.

2. Consider unusual places to get ideas on auto insurers. Word-of-mouth recommendations or sources such as memberships from association like warehouse clubs, professional associations or employers are great places to find deals.

3. Find out what additional services your insurer offers. They may offer discounts on other services, including other lines of insurance or services such as mobile apps.

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