Framing Love Serial 5

by on March 7th, 2015
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Frank looked at those assembled around the board room table. Carson had called in all the family, he could use them. Hell, he wasn’t even supposed to be here. Carson had promised him a two week vacation once the seacoast project was up and running but two days into it and here he was.

He saw his dreams of vacation melting away, the minute he turned on the damn television upstairs. The kids were downstairs happily listening to some cartoon idiocy when he made the mistake of turning on the news.

His wife had asked him not to. Frank was a news junkie after all, she knew, and this was vacation, but he turned it on anyway. And there it was. Top of the hour. The damn Seacoast project again. With cruisers no less. As he flopped on the bed and listened, he realized, the Seacoast project and the Senator himself were about to intrude on his life once more.

So while his unhappy wife and three kids were heading to the cottage on the lake he was here in the stifling heat, waiting or the assemblage of minds of Carson’s empire. And the more that assembled, the less likely it looked like he’d be joining his family at the lake.

“Okay,” said Carson as he waved Jackie in, “It looks like we’re all here.”

“Except for Destiny,” said Jackie with a smile. Frank looked at Jackie, knowing by her demeanor she had something on Destiny. Frank was disgusted, wouldn’t those two ever get over playing school girl politics? “She’ll be joining us shortly. She had an errand she said was urgent,” Jackie continued.

“She always does,” Carson muttered loudly. ” Frank, the ball’s in your court. How do we handle this? We need a positive spin.”

“The best way to spin this is for the police to find the murderer.”

“They’re looking, barring that though?” Carson asked again.

“Our site manager did report the crime right away. That shows we’re not trying to hide something.”

“And besides,” said Destiny who had just entered the room, “Why would someone in our organization commit the murder and bury him in of all places, Seacoast?”

“A valid point,” said Carson.

Frank looked at the others and his face brightened slowly. Maybe the lake wasn’t as far away as he thought. “Frame Up! That’s our spin. Someone is trying to frame us for the murder of the senator!”

“But who?” said Peter, head of accounting. He was ever practical Frank thought, but good at what he did, playing with numbers.

” That’s the point I think Frank wants to get out there. We’re in the dark as much as anyone else and we’re cooperating fully in the investigation. Now I think we should all get working on our angle of this. Frank, you work up the press releases, Jackie you start organizing your team of lawyers. I’m sure I’ll be questioned , I want your best people with me. Destiny you organize the executive and staff to be sure they are only giving out the company line. Warn them their jobs are on the line otherwise. Peter you come with me and we’ll figure out how much this is all going to cost.”

They all got up from the table and quickly dissipated to their offices. Carson wouldn’t stand for idle chatter when there was work to be done. And there was definitely work to be done.

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