Four Winter Wardrobe Necessities for Women

by on December 11th, 2010
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Winter in most places means lots of layers and a less pulled-together look. But that isn’t necessarily how dressing for the cooler months has to be. Stocking your cool-weather wardrobe with a few fun, versatile pieces will help take the blah out of your winter wear.


Not all tights are created equal. Sure, the basic black ones can look nice while providing warmth, but why settle for basic black when tights come in a myriad of colors and patterns? Sure, not everybody can pull it off, but if you can, fun tights are definitely a great way to vary your winter wardrobe.


Boots are my favorite part of winter dressing. There are many styles, colors, and heel-heights to choose from, which makes owning several pairs a necessity. A high-heeled, basic black boot is perfect for work, but let yourself buy a pair of funky, wedge-heeled cognac boots for the weekend or flat, wine-colored boots that handle well on the ice. Your wardrobe (and your legs) will thank you.


Coats are so fun to shop for. It’s tempting to buy a basic coat that will match everything, black for instance, but with some of the trendier options available you don’t have to settle for basic if you don’t want to. Red has become a popular coat color because it adds a bright spot of color to the wearer. Likewise, teal, pink, and other bright hues have gained popularity for the same reason. If brightly dyed coats aren’t your thing though, you can still experiment with the cut or style. If you must wear a black coat, find one that flares from the waist, buttons asymmetrically down the side, or has an elegant, oversized collar. The options are endless.


Leggings aren’t for everyone, but they do happen to work really well with tall boots. If you aren’t a legging sort of girl, go for a tailored pant that either tucks nicely into boots or fits over them without looking strange. Lined pants are great for this time of year, and the quality of these pants are often higher, which means they last longer.

Dressing for winter doesn’t have to mean giving up on your personal sense of style. Find ways to let your inner fashionista shine by continuing to wear your dresses-just add tights and boots-or by allowing yourself to experiment with your outerwear.

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