Final Destination 5 – Steven Quale Director

by on September 10th, 2014
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Steven Quale takes it to the limit in the interesting and exciting flick, Final Destination 5. Using his great directing abilities he draws the audience in with an interesting story and great special effects that create a superb movie.

His choices or actors and actresses are believable, they are just like any other young Americans working, living and loving. Nicholas D’Agosto , Emma Bell , Miles Fisher , Ellen Wroe and Jacqueline MacInnes-Wood give very believable performances all through the 1 hour and 35 minutes of airtime. They are such ordinary people making it easy to relate to them throughout the movie. You can understand their characters and the problems that they must deal with.

Steven Quale outdoes himself with a very believable scene in the beginning of the movie of a bridge falling apart and tops it with the best airplane scene at the end. Under his direction this movie starts with a bang and ends with a bigger one. There wasn’t a person in the audience whose eyes were not glued to the screen.

This director takes ordinary daily life events and spins a tale about cheating death and how it will return to get the characters and in the end it does. Scenes like eye treatments will send chills up your spine.

Connecting all the dots is what Steven Quale does well. Movie goers will understand the meaning of the movie from the beginning and be on a roller coaster of action and adventure all the way through until the end.

For those who can’t or won’t appreciate director, Steven Quale’s finesse in this flick, perhaps movies just aren’t their thing. This is a well done, entertaining piece of work from a very adept director. It delivers because the director made it happen that way.

For more information on Steven Quale’s new flick Final Destination 5 check this out . This is one movie that doesn’t disappoint. Steven Quale’s excellence shines through.

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