Extreme Couponing: The Challenge Continues

by on March 9th, 2015
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As I mentioned yesterday, I plan to conduct my first trip to the grocery store during my extreme couponing challenge to save $1,000 in 30 days. Can I do it? I do not know, but I am still determined to see if I can and spent more than one hour yesterday comparing, contrasting, searching and finding the best deals possible.

For my first trip, I will be going to Publix in South Florida and plan to only spend $50. Ultimate goal to get at least $100 in groceries for that cost by using coupons and in-store savings. I started my list yesterday, but have revised it and added to it.

If you live in the Florida area and shop at Publix, here are some deals I have discovered:

Hamburger Helper — BOGO plus Coupon 0.75 off 3 Ragu — BOGO — plus free Mueller’s Pasta with purchase of 2 sauces Barilla Whole Grain — BOGO plus coupon $1 off 2 Bertoli Frozen Meal or Soup — $1 coupon, plus $2 Publix Coupon Angel soft — coupon 0.50 plus $2 Publix coupon Gorton’s Fish — BOGO plus coupon $2 Plus other misc. such as eggs ($1 coupon), bananas ($1 coupon), yogurts (0.50 & 0.75 coupon) and bread (no coupon…yet)

If all works out the way I calculated it, I should be able to come home with just over $93.00 in groceries for just under $45. Keep those fingers crossed and check back tomorrow for my final purchase list and to see how much I was able to actually save.

Happy Saving!!

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