Did You Miss Yourself? Taking a Chance on Dreams

by on March 14th, 2015
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Lately, I’ve found myself sifting through things in my life that seem to resemble more meaning than most other things. Only to shortly after have the realization that I spent countless hours avoiding doing something real only to wake up this January to find a whole world of hope still within.

This city, or more honestly, most cities, tear away at the very heart of an artist’s soul. It pushes you to forget what you want and change what you do. As an artist in this world, it’s hard to keep going a lot of the time. What direction should I take, what people should I talk to? All of us feel this. We are all stuck in this same pot of crap with the mixer on high keeping you right at the bottom of it all.

How many of you just want to drop everything you do and focus on your passion? Doesn’t the urge just eat away at you daily? Your brain gets in the way of yourself though. At first it seems like a great idea. Then you sit and think on it. Then you get scared. Then you get right back to your repetitive job and suck on the tit that is life, only to find it’s empty and dry.

Today I remind you that this isn’t how you should let it be. If you feel it’s wrong, then change it. Make it happen somehow. There is always a way.

I realize this all seems like a pile of straight up BS, but how many times do you have to hear it before you stop being the one thing in life that is actually stopping you.

I too have become a victim of myself, needlessly finding excuses for staying right in my pile of self-doubt. I have a house, a wife, a room mate/band mate who relies on me to keep this location going, and a job that isn’t hard in any way nor is it all that bad, but pays me too little to live any sort of dream. Of course we all get paid too little for our services, but that’s not what I am focusing on. It’s the matter of all this. What happens to all this if I take that chance and go?

This is all the crap that piles up, the same crap that prevents us or denies us our goals. Our world, however, is just one of hating your neighbor and looking out for yourself above and beyond all others. It’s like living in a post-apocalyptic world before that even began. You could coin this phrase on government in general or any other major corporation that controls a vast majority of our lives: Steal first and ask questions possibly later if you even care to.

The worst part of it all is feeling more connected to the world when I think this way. Maybe it’s because I don’t want to be a sleep walker or because I don’t want to feel like sheep in a herd. I’ll be the bastard who stands out among the rest, I’ll be the dick who stirs things just for the fun of it. When you see me out there, I want you to laugh with me right into the face of the very people who tried to keep us in our place.

Never forget to laugh,

Yours for the taking for ever and always

Adam Pitre

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