Dancing with the Stars: Halloween Dances Are a Real Treat

by on February 18th, 2011
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We are really getting down to the nitty gritty now as the calendar is ready to turn to November. That can only mean one thing for DWTS, it’s time to celebrate Halloween.

We’ll see what costumes the stars and pros don this week. This week also marks the return of the team dance. With six couples remaining, there will be two teams competing for points.

Pay special attention to Hope and Maks tonight as everyone will be watching to see how they react to the comments they received last week. Maks was upset and I expect he will go all out tonight.

The studio is decked out like a haunted house and we are ready to get going.

Leading off tonight will be David Arquette and Kym Johnson. They look to rebound from their quickstep last week with a cha cha. David predicted this routine would be fun. Good to hear some Steve Miller Band and good to see a lively dance. Some good moves and a couple of surprises gives David a 24. A good start to Halloween.

A little Ghostbusting next with J.R. and Karina. They work hard on their tango throughout the week. J.R. is the Ghostbuster and Karina is of course, the ghost. Another solid performance by J.R. He had a little timing issue, but it was still a fun routine. J.R. gets a 25 out of 30.

Nancy Grace is net with Tristian. They get a jive this week to “The Devil Went Down to Georgia.” It started out bad for Nancy as she missed the first few moves. It didn’t get much better in my opinion as she was out of sync. She gets a 21.

Rob Kardashian and Cheryl are up next with a routine to “The Adams Family.” Cheryl is working Rob hard and his body is getting sore. They are hoping for 10’s this week. Rob was a bit stiff at the beginning, but they were in sync and played their characters well. A good job by Rob, he gets a 25.

On to Ricki Lake and Derek. Ricki is battling some nagging injuries at this stage of the competition. Very showy and very dramatic. A nice paso that the crowd loved. The judges also liked it and Ricki gets a 27.

Everybody is waiting for Hope and Maks dance. “Warren Zevon’s “Warewolves of London” is the song and the samba is the dance. Maks had an injured toe during rehearsals so Teddy from the troupe came in to help out. It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t awful either. The judges liked it better than I did and she gets a 24.

On to the the team dances. It’s team Tango up first. This will be J.R., David and Nancy. A well choreographed tango. Wow, it was a long dance with each team getting to show some skills. Lots of moves and it was pretty clean. Len thought it could’ve been better and they get a 23 as a group.

Team Paso is up next. This team is made up of Ricki, Rob and Hope. A lot of tension during the practice for this group dance. Derek and Maks took the lead in getting this team ready. It was dark and a little scary. Good solo dances and a strong finish by Derek and Ricki. The judges loved it and they get a 26.

Nancy Grace may be in trouble tomorrow.

I hate to say it, but Justin Bieber tomorrow night.

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