Cristophe, Master Hair Stylist of the Rich and Famous, Cristophe Salon, Beverly Hills, California

by on November 28th, 2014
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Cristophe has gained recognition for his expertise in several fields. Born in Belgium, Cristophe became involved in fashion and the runways of France. Cristophe brought European techniques to open his first salon in Beverly Hills, California and became popular with film and television celebrity clients.

Cristophe explained, “Fashion basically is a matter of style and elegance. If you combine that with the right style for the person, the job, or the character they are playing, you have a nice combination.

I create illusions. In Hollywood, since there is a controlled environment the illusions can be greater because of the lighting and camera angles. When I create a different hair style, the shape of the face can’t be changed but by arranging the hair according to the features around the face we can create a focus of attention on certain features like the eyes or mouth.

The face cannot be disconnected from the whole person. Whether we like it or not, people are judged by the way they look in our society so it is important to have the right package.

When I develop a “look” for a client, I do not stop at the hair but study the entire person and consider everything from the best features on my client’s face, the width of the shoulders, width of the hips, type of job, and so forth.

Style can bring out someone’s personality. It is not entirely about the hair style but if we can make you walk out of our salon feeling like a million bucks, or very sexy or whatever, then your behavior will have a different kind of energy that will be much more visible and more preferring than style.”

What are the latest Styles? Cristophe feels, “At the Golden Globes, we will see a lot of hair up, basically much more minimalist, more simple, looking for a chic ‘ness by the simplicity of the hair. There will be a lot less funky hair styles and much more cleaner, a more elegant kind of look by the simplicity of it. Shorter hair is coming back and even longer hair will be extremely simple. Simple but bolder looks will be “in” with versions of bobs and different styles with medium-short to very-short hair.

In terms of color, we will see 15,000 colors moving up to bolder shades, chocolate brown, platinum, coppery red and very strong colors to make a statement as well.”

The Cristophe Salons are located in Beverly Hills, Newport Beach, Las Vegas, Washington, D.C., and Saint Barth, in the French West Indies.

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