Creative Ways to Use Folding Screens in the Bedroom

by on December 4th, 2010
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Most people know what folding screens are, but they are unaware of their versatility in the bedroom. Hinged panels are more than just floor decor. They can beautifully enhance furnishings while adding to the decorating scheme or theme of the bedroom in unique new ways. Some are comprised of mirrors, and others are freestanding works of eye-catching art. Their creative uses are limitless.

I have used folding screens when completing decorating jobs for clients. One in particular was unaware of how to use them before I presented her with design ideas for her master bedroom. Like many others, she was under the impression that they were for changing purposes only, and she did not want or need a private area for dressing. She also thought that folding screens would take up too much space, and she did not realize how many designs and styles were available. I introduced her to a new type of bedroom decor, and she loved the results.

Mirrored Folding Screens are Fantastic Bedroom Decor

Mirrors naturally brighten and expand the visual size of a room, and they are fantastic bedroom decor. My client chose mirrored folding screens after I suggested a couple of decorating possibilities. She had a beautiful king-sized bed with a very ornate wrought iron head board. The bed was flanked with two vintage nightstands topped by Tiffany style lamps. I suggested creating a back view of the lamps using the mirrored folding screens. I placed them in back of the nightstands next to the bed. They looked gorgeous, especially when the lamps were illuminated. The light, colors and designs were brilliantly multiplied.

Use Beautiful Folding Screens to Create a Headboard

Another client wanted a new headboard for her queen size bed. The old headboard was made of solid wood, and it looked outdated and uninspiring. I was able to remove the original headboard and replace it with two beautiful folding screens. There were adorned with designs similar to those created by a kaleidoscope and outlined in black. The colors inside of the outlines were muted terracotta and sky blue, and they appeared to be sponge painted and blended with white. I securely anchored the sides of the folding screens to the wall to keep them from shifting if bumped.

To complete the bedroom and her beautiful new bedding set she choose a solid back comforter, a black bed skirt and throw pillows that matched the colors in the folding screens. It was one of my most impressive bedroom designs. The color combination was gorgeous, and the bed looked brand new. The folding screens added unique beauty to the bedroom, and they became the basis for colorful new tabletop decor, drapery and more.

Source: Personal and Professional Home Decorating and Design Experience

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