Colton Dixon: American Idol’s Tim Tebow?

by on March 7th, 2015
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Has “American Idol” found its very own Tim Tebow in Murfreesboro, Tennessee’s Colton Dixon?

If you simply glance at Dixon, you will probably incredulously ask, “Are you kidding?” The 20-year-old looks nothing like the Denver Broncos quarterback who inspired “Tebow-mania.” He sports a spiky streaked Mohawk that leaves you wondering, “How does he make his hair to do that?” He is “inked,” with tattoos on his left shoulder and arm. And, most notably, Dixon’s figure resembles a lanky beanstalk. He doesn’t seem to mind. He looks like a glammed-up rock star, often opting for skinny jeans that make him look even skinnier than he probably is.

No one would ever describe Tim Tebow that way. He is 6′ 3″ and built like a well-conditioned tank. Last year, an “is-it-or-isn’t-it him” argument ensued over his ripped physique in a golf photo. And, from his recent Jockey ad, you know that Tebow is inkless and about as clean-cut as athletes get.

Tebow is the kind of guy you pray your daughter brings home. At first gaze, you might hesitate to let Dixon through the front door.

But beneath the intensely different exteriors, it seems Tebow and Dixon are strikingly similar. They are both outspoken young men who embrace their faith and Christianity. And they both want to use their platforms to share their beliefs with the whole world. For Tebow, it’s the NFL. For Dixon, a worship leader at his church, it’s now “American Idol.”

Like Tebow, Dixon has no problem expressing his feelings about God and His place in his life. What was the first thing Dixon did after finding out he made the Top 24 of Season 11? He knelt in prayer. (Sound familiar?)

And Dixon’s Tweets like, “Good morning everyone! Check out psalms 42, then psalms 46. If you’re feeling down or disconnected this will help:-)” sound like something the Broncos quarterback might post. It lets you know quickly who Dixon credits with making it to the Idol stage after coming close a year ago and losing the last spot at the end.

Of course, such openness about one’s Christianity does not come without its detractors. Although Tebow is indeed popular, he has also been described as “polarizing” in almost every single news article about him. Early on in the Idol audition process, one video blogger could not bring himself to even talk about Dixon’s religious beliefs. At least one Twitterer already has opted to stop following Dixon because of his religious tweets.

Will he be a “polarizing” figure on “American Idol?” Perhaps a bit. But Tebow seemed content to prove himself as a quarterback on the field, speak his mind off of it, and let people love him or not. Colton Dixon has the same opportunity on the Idol stage through his music.

One thing is certain. Tebow fans and Christians everywhere have an interesting opportunity this off-season. And it involves voting for an “American Idol” contestant.

Sometimes God shows up in places – and packages – you least expect.

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