Barney Stinson Comes Out on ‘How I Met Your Mother’

by on October 27th, 2014
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So the new season of TV is about to come on the air and people are all abuzz over the coming action of the new season. While the Robin and Barney storyline has been an interesting underscore to the Ted ‘How I Met Your Mother’ story, maybe an even more interesting thing would be if Barney Stinson, the cosmopolitan ladies man could find himself coming out as Neil Patrick Harris has in real life.

As many of the fans of “How I Met Your Mother” are keenly aware, Neil Patrick Harris is indeed a homosexual male. Patrick Harris has been in a long term relationship with his partner, they have a child together, and even though they are now allowed to in New York, Patrick Harris’ Twitter account seems to indicate that the two will not be getting married anytime soon.

Still, wouldn’t it be interesting to see Barney mess around with guys on “How I Met Your Mother”? While the main story of this show is one of those far reaching, never ending sitcoms where Bob Saget narrates to his in the future kids about his journey in meeting their mother, seeing Barney who is with a different girl every episode bat for the other team for a while would be great television.

Of course, according to Saget in the future, it’s implied that Barney and Robin wind up together but that’s not really important for the here and now of the TV show. Barney has taken dating and getting random girls to sleep with him down to a Doogie Howser science; why wouldn’t he try and mess around with a guy or two?

As anyone who has been confused at the never ending bad lineup of dates can tell you, sometimes you have to go a long way out of your way to come back a short distance correctly. For Barney and Robin who are good friends to wind up together organically, maybe Barney has to find some time playing for the other team.

Having Barney be who he is as a gay man on the screen would also be a great opportunity for the show’s creators to showcase some real, organic, homosexual love on the screen. They could even get Patrick Harris’ real life lover to guest star as the boy in question.

Not only would this be ratings gold and incite a great deal of discussion for the show, but it may give all the straight guys out there who have ever fancied themselves fancy boys to consider themselves anew.


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