Asperger Kids and Their Social Skills

by on October 21st, 2014
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You can differentiate a kid with asperger in many ways. One of which is through their social skills. Here are the different ways on how to distinguish a kid with asperger through their social skills.

Kids with Asperger usually have problems and difficulties in making friends. They often desire to have one, and they often have the feeling of loneliness. However the problem is they don’t have the ability on how to be a friend to others.

Reasons why an Asperger child that wants to make friends is difficult are as follows:

Since playing video games does not include communicating socially, it is what they choose over playing with other kids. Most of the time they may prefer to play alone and even stay away from other children. They also choose to talk to adults rather than to kids their age because it confuses them being with other kids. They usually have a thought that a kid that accidentally bumped into them was done on purpose to hurt them. They would even think that inanimate objects like tables and chairs would try to hit them.

They usually are being targeted by bullies. This is really a sad thought to ponder and can be hurtful to asperger kids.

What bullies often do are as follows:

Others are making fun of them, because they easily get upset. They may take the things of others because they are simply told by someone to do it since they enjoy watching the asperger kid get into trouble.

Their emotions might get are heightened and they usually have the wrong impression about someone. They also have difficulty to understand facial expressions of another person.

For instance, if a kid would smile at him in friendly way, he might have thought that he wants to play with him. But if the child chooses to play with someone else, the asperger kid would get very disappointed.

They may get into trouble with their attitude since it takes time for them to understand a certain rule and instruction that was given. The rules such as not to interrupt when someone is talking and instructions like how to properly take turns with someone are examples of which.

People must come to realize how hard it is for kids to have Asperger. Instead of bullying or making fun of them, give them respect and understanding.

These asperger kids needs a lot of kindness and love from others.

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