Albert Camus, the Stranger Essay Prompts

by on January 28th, 2011
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Option 1: The theme of absurdity in The Stranger does not only apply to Mersault and his actions/reaction, but also to the world in which Meursault exists. Through a historical lens explore the concept of absurdity. To what is Absurdism and Existentialism a reaction? How is this portrayed in Camus’ text?

Option 2: Through The Stranger Camus comments directly on the concept of nationalism as Mersault is sentenced to die in the name of the French people. Examine the historical significance of The Stranger being set in French Algeria. To what extent does nationalism support the absurd/irrational system in which Mersault finds himself?

Option 3: Determined to remain true to himself, Meursault finds himself at odds with a society. Compare and contrast the The Stranger with (an)other literary text(s) you have read. Be sure to keep in mind the historical and geographical origin of the texts as you explore their similarities and differences.

Option 4: The Stranger has been called one of the most influential books of all time. Find examples of contemporary art, literature, or film which were influenced by Camus. Compare and contrast the way in which the common themes are explored and resolved.

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