A Natural Approach to the Basics of Resource Management

by on September 26th, 2010
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Congratulations are in order. This may be what you have dreamed of. Now you have a title and an opportunity to showcase the knowledge that you have acquired? You have access to and usage of all necessary tools. The task is nothing new because you have accomplished it before. The stakes may be higher and your responsibilities have increased but the only real difference is perspective. You are now a manager. It does not matter if you are in charge of a major corporation or your household. Effective business at any level is paramount.

Years ago I was promoted to my first position of employment that carried with it, a job description. I was notified in person by a vice president one afternoon and the next morning I arrived to work at my new job in a new location. After a brief orientation and a few instructions, I was handed a stack of folders about one foot high and then I was alone. The anticipation and excitement that were relished a few moments ago were quickly replaced by questions and fear. Was this what I wanted? Do I have everything that I need? Am I as prepared as I should be? The answers to those dilemmas were yes. You also have been prepared.

I suspect that early in your education a teacher told you that you should not waste time. Someone may have encouraged you to learn all you could. The proper usage of the pencils and paper and books that were available for your benefit was stressed at some point in time by a person guiding you. I’m sure that you were taught about the proper care and treatment of a school building or the maintenance of your room at home. You were entrusted with an amount of money to be spent for a specific purpose. I know that you had a favorite teacher or mentor or parent who worked hard to ensure that your education was good. You must have learned the advantages of fair dealings and cooperation with your peers and the importance of respect for those who were in charge of your training. You learned about business.

Even without your realization of it, you were learning about the proper usage and conservation of available time, tools, commodities, real estate, facilities, capital, knowledge, manpower and other personnel. Only one of these assets can stand alone to control all other goods and services. Your success at any level of supervision pivots on the effectiveness of your management of your greatest ally, the people that you work with.

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