2011 Lady Gaga Halloween Costume; Jo Caldrone Gaga’s Male Alter Ego

by on January 26th, 2015
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Lady Gaga 2011 Halloween costumes are getting hotter by the day. First you have the Gaga Tuxedo costume which I consider the “Born This Way” skeleton costume, then you have the The Egg or Panda, and now you have the Lady Gaga’s male alter ego Jo Caldrone, which was shown on the 2011 MTV Music Awards.

Even though Caldrone was only seen once, this costume is going to be hot. One, it will be simple to put together, two on the cheap side, and three a great unisex costume. One person can dress up as Lady Gaga and the other person can be Jo if your aiming for a couple costume. Or both can dress up as Lady Gaga’s alter ego Jo, but make one the greaser and the other costume sexy. Why not? Anything goes when dressing up for Halloween. What will you need?

A 50’s style greaser wig (think John Travolta in Grease) white short sleeved t-shirt or collard dress shirt, black suit jacket, black dress pants, black sneakers or boots, dark brows, little bit black eyeliner, and a cigarette behind the ear or hanging in your mouth.

After searching all over online for the Jo Caldrone greaser wig, I finally came across this website called buycheaper.com . Buycheaper has a great variety of wigs to fit this costume very well. Remember the main part of the Jo costume is the wig so you better make it good. You can also save $15-$20 on the wig by investing in a can of black Halloween spray, a comb, and some wax. Then create your own 50’s greaser hairstyle within minutes using your hands and a hairdryer.

Another cool Gaga costume for 2011 is the Judas from her “Born This Way” album. Just think Sandy from the movie Grease. With the thick black eyeliner, bright red lipstick, long flowing blonde hair, bandana, and sexy leather outfit you will be ready to rock any party Gaga style. Ok, now your thinking “Where do I find the accessories right?” Well, I’m glad you asked, because if you go to Halloweencostumes.com , you will find the Judas wig for under $16.00. Then head over to YouTube and check out all the Lady Gaga Judas makeup tutorials. I have to warn though, there is quite a few that are quite intriguing and impressive. But hey, it’s your choice not mine.





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