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Why when one person yawns and you see it you yawn too

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Scientists have done a lot of research, and have not quite figured out why yawning is contagious yet! But, I just yawned! ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-when-one-person-yawns-and-you-see-it-you-yawn-too ]
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Why when one sees a person yawn, the other yawns too??
Oh, that's a good question. In the SAT Reasoning test there was an actual article on it. It said that it's not only by seeing someone else yawn that you want to do it as well, but by reading about yawning as well! Believe it or not I seriou...

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Why does one person yawn if they see another person yawning too?
Q: I've notcied this happening when i see someone yawn and then i have the sudden urge to yawn as well. And vice versa, if someone sees me yawning they yawn too. Why does this happen? Is there a connection?
A: You are right if you have noticed that yawning seems to be contagious? If one person yawns, this appears to cause another person to yawn. Researchers have found that 40-60% of people who see a picture of someone yawning will yawn themselves. Even reading the word YAWN can make people yawn.Although this “contagious” yawning behavior is not understood, it has been suggested that this could be the result of an unconscious herding behavior — a subtle way to communicate group behavior, such as when a birds follow the behavior of one bird, and all rise together as a whole flock.Maybe a yawn is a signal to the group that it’s time to go to sleep. Or if someone yawns when they’re bored, it may be a sign to change the topic of conversat
Why when one sees a person yawn, the other yawns too?
A: The power of suggestion.
Why is it when someone yawns, anyone near that person yawns too?
Q: Someone sitting pretty much next to me and just started to yawn and then so did i!!Happens all the time when im near someone who yawns and its the same with other people i know, but why does the person near the person yawning also yawn!?!?!?
A: Suggestionit works with cats & dogs too

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