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Why is my friend always moody

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Moodiness can be caused by a mental illness, drug use and changes in ones body! Ask your friend if they need help! ChaCha often! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-is-my-friend-always-moody ]
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Do you have a friend that's always in a bad mood??
If you think about it, there's always that one friend that always seems to be negative no matter how good their situation is. The person that always rains on your picnic and is quick to criticize. ... If you think about it, there's always t...
Would that irritate you to have a friend who is always smiling, a...?
Of course it's annoying but you just need to accept her for who she is, that's one of her quirks. It's tough sometimes.. when you're grumpy and you feel like staying grumpy and your friend comes along happy and chipper. Just remember, it's ...

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My friend is always moody!?
Q: My friends parents are splitting up which i know must be really hard for herBut she is always taking her anger out on her friendsand it is starting to annoy me.what can i do?
A: You should be patience. You know that she's having a hard time,so as friends you should try to make her happy as much as you can. Try to talk to her about her problems and keep her spirit up. If you won't understand her, who will? People change in such situations. And so the answer is not just leave her and find someone else. This is a time she really needs you, cause she may have not got anyone else to share her feelings. So try your best to make her happy.
A girl likes me. She has been my friend for a few years.She is always moody and cries a lot.What should I do?
Q: She informed me about this at the last day of school. We are now currently going to 2 different schools. I am unsure about what to do about this...Should I go with her or go alone?
A: try to cheer her up, make her feel better
Moody/angry friend who always tries to pick fights?
Q: I have this "friend", who, sometimes is completely friendly, and now most days is a bitch & always picks fights with me about the dumbest things, thinking she knows more, acts like she's so much better, always start her sentances with "Sara, you don't understand/retarted. Yet she always wants to hang out, and by the time I'm done hanging out with her, I'm very tired from being around her. I don't like getting walked over, so when she starts fights I don't like giving in, but ending fights on a neuteral note never works. I often say things harsher so she'll back off, but that just intensifies her argument. We have different opinions on many things, so that may be why she likes arguing, though she always says "I wonder why we're friends, we're so different". She is pretty unhappy with her home life (parents/step). Worst part, she's really nice to her other friends, one of whom also has a big attitude, one minute nice, the next screaming her face off. Please help, I'm not sure whato do.
A: she isn't your friend!!!!!!, that is not how friends treat each other!!!!!! .. ... ...

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