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Why don't you wake up a sleep walker

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Its extremely difficult to wake a sleepwalker up. Its not a good idea \to wake them up because they may be scared or abusive. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-don%27t-you-wake-up-a-sleep-walker ]
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Is it true u cant wake up a sleep walker?
the medical recommendation is You Should Not waken a sleepwalker. My daughter did that when younger. It was brought on by anxiety. Took her for counseling. she did outgrow it.
Should you wake up a sleep walker?
If possible, just redirect them to their bed. If they need to be woken, then do it calmly and quietly, and then explain what happened.
Why should a person never wake up a sleep walker?
They become temporarily disoriented and they start to freak out. Bad for both the person woken up, and the one who woke them up.

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