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Why don't i ever dream when i sleep

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Some experts maintain that you dream every night, it's just that you don't remember them in the morning. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-don%27t-i-ever-dream-when-i-sleep ]
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I have read about the 'dream feed' where you feed baby while they...?
"Hi, not sure if this question comes under 'sleep' or 'feeding'? My 3 1/2 - nearly four month daughter will have her last feed at 6pm-ish and go to bed and sleep right through until about 1-2am, wake for a feed then back to sleep agai...
Why don't i dream/sleep?
I think that there is a possibility that you fear sleep or the dreams in which occur. What leads me to believe this is the fact that you plainly avoid sleep. It seems that even though you cannot remember your dreams - due to the fact that y...
Im going to sleep right now...i may dream about something..what w...?
You will dream about eating cookies with the cookie monster.

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