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Why does heartbreak hurt so much

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I'm sorry. A broken heart is very painful, because you still have feelings for the person. Spend time with friends and doing things. With time, your pain will heal. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-does-heartbreak-hurt-so-much ]
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Why does heartbreak have to hurt so much?
heartbreak hurts so much because there usually are sacrifices in a relationship, as well as all the emotions, and the longer together, the more it will hurt. yes, it makes us stronger and smarter, as it prepares us for the next relationship...
What is heartbreak and why does it hurt so much??
it hurts because u had all these expectations of what it was going to be, it hurts to loose edspecially to someone else, it involves the ego, it does hurt, but since this is a first heartbreak, and something u haven't experienced before, it...
Why do most girls get hurt so much after a heart break?
dude, thats just a steriortype, both guys and girl get upset after tough breakups like that, some girls may be vocal about it, but that doesn't mean all sides are upset, and they get upset, because its being told that somebody doesn't have ...

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Why does Heartbreak hurt so much?
Q: I don't know why I have to hurt so much. I have 3 months left here in Iraq till I get home but she can't wait that long. I never thought I could hurt so much. Why can't I stop thinking about her? Alls I want to do is talk to her, but she is always with the person she is dating now. She says she wants to try again when I get home but I don't know if she will want to leave someone she has started a relationship with for 3 months. I am scared to say I want to try when we get home and just get hurt more. Why does it hurt so much?
A: Because emotions are the hardest to cure. You can't make the feeling go away with paracetamol. It takes time to heal because it involves complex human processes.Try to adjust to the situation you're at. It is hard i know, but it is better to admit the truth and live with it rather than believing in a promise that you know will never materialize.
why does heartbreak hurt so much, any experiences?
Q: How did you feel about it, and how did you move on after you knew that you will never be with that person intimate or in love?
A: I Was Shattered And It Didn't Help That We Were On And Off For Two Years!! When We Finally Did Break Up For The Last Time; It Was Me Who Broke Up With Him And I Guess It Was Easier Because It Was Me Who Was Ready To Finally Let Go!! But It Does Hurt Like Hell And I Am Over Him But I Still Haven't Moved On Because I Am Just Not Ready For Another Relationship.. It Hurts Too Much To Be Let Down!! Especially By Your First Love!!
Why does heartbreak hurt more than anything?
Q: okay, i'm a teenager and my ex boyfriend and i had been going out for 2 months. he went on a holiday and he came back, gave me a bracelet and decided to dump me. i don't understand why it hurts, even when i am young. i'm really confused and i don't get why girls need guys.
A: I know it hurts sweety and ive certainly been there. The main reason is rejection. We think that there is something wrong with us.That we arent good enough for some reason. The truth is that they arent good enough for us! Guys are very hard to understand, i think more than women! Through your teenage years, your heart is gonna get broke a number of times. Its just facts of life and it sucks but remember...you have to get through all the bad eggs before you find THE ONE!

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