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Why do you have nightmares if you eat before you sleep

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Poor-quality sleep and nightmares as a consequence of eating before bed are not well supported by evidence. Just avoid it. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-you-have-nightmares-if-you-eat-before-you-sleep ]
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Is it true that if you eat cheese before you sleep, you get night...?
I've never heard that about cheese, but pork can cause nightmares. It has something to do with your blood pressure
Is it true if yo eat a banana before you go to sleep will you hav...?
If you want a scientific answer...Most people will have some kind of reaction in the dream state if they eat a specific type of food before going to bed. Studies have been done (I will site the sources if you force me to) that the type of f...
When eating cheese before you sleep, does it make you dream of ni...?
I eat before i go to sleep and i never have nightmares, i barely have dreams. You have dreams every night actually, you just arent able to remember all of them. As for eating, it has never been proven whether food causes more dreaming or no...

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if you eat a lot before you sleep will you get nightmares?
Q: i dont know i never eat before i sleep but i want to but i want to stop this
A: No, definitely not because I had a habit of eating to full before I sleep. However I learned that it is not good for your stomach and stopped, and you should too. Only thing I know that can give you nightmares is laugh a lot before you sleep but that might just a fairy tale my parents told me.
Do you really get nightmares when you eat sweets before going to sleep?
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A: No. Food doesn't effect your dreams. What does effect your dreams is stress or worry or fears about something that's going on in your life. Your dreams, even bad ones, allow you mind to work out these feelings in a harmless way.
Why can`t I sleep right and why do I have nightmares if I eat late, before going to bed?
A: If you make a habit of eating late, that is likely the answer to both problems. You really need to allow about 4-6 hours before going to bed after a big meal. Eating late makes your body work on digesting food instead of repairing itself, which is its job while you sleep. Consequently, you definitely don't sleep as deeply and well. Not sleeping deeply means you dream more...or at least remember your dreams more because you are in a lighter stage of sleep. Nightmares can also be a reflection of the body's inner turmoil of trying to digest and repair itself at the same time.If you ABSOLUTELY have to eat something late at night, avoid protein. Make it something light and easy to digest...mostly complex carbohydrates. But the best thing is to not eat at all.

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