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Why do you cry when your mad

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When under stress, the body produces more manganese. The body cries to rid itself of this extra manganese and calm down. ChaCha on [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-you-cry-when-your-mad ]
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Thirteen Minnesota and 15 Wisconsin members of the armed forces were killed in Iraq through Wednesday. That brings the death toll to 42 from Minnesota and 65 from Wisconsin since 2003. "It just hits you hard because you don't think i...
What was the last thing that made you cry?
When my research proposal, red-lined by my prof, was posted in the open class, with my name on it, and offered for public download.
Which book was it that made you cry?
the last book that made me tear up was Cormac McCarthy's The Road. hellatronix / 17 Aug '09, 22:38 / Reply

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Is it healthy to cry when your mad?
Q: Everytime I get mad Like really pissed off I feel like crying which I end up doing. I dont want to cry because I feel vulnerable and weak. I dont want to always cry everytime i get mad but i just cant help but shed a tear or two. I think its because my mom would get mad if i want to take my rage out on paper or a pillow because she thinks ill turn homicidal cuz of that. so is that healthy to cry everytime your mad?
A: I cry when I'm happy!! I cry when I'm touched!! Oprah called it the "ugly cry". It's a normal reaction, crying reflects the overwhelming flood of emotions.
Why do you cry when you get mad? And how to stop?
Q: Every time I get mad, whether it is a fight, or anything, I always end up sobbing. When I cry, it always takes me about half an hour just to stop. Luckily, I have a high tolerance, and usually just get irritated. But lately, I've been getting into a lot of arguments and have walked away sobbing after every single one of them. Why do I cry when I get past the 'irritation' stage and hit the 'mad' stage? And does anyone know how to keep from crying when that happens?
A: Well you could focus on trying never to get mad. You could channel your feelings into rage. This is one of those problems only you can solve. I used to have this problem myself and I simply don't get angry anymore. Focus on being calm and collected.
Why do guys get mad when girls cry?
Q: I've noticed guys usually get mad when girls cry even if it something to cry about. It's like they don't care that your crying they just want you to shut up. I don't understand!
A: i don't mind a girl crying at all if any i feel like protecting her :)

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