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Why do some people shake this legs when they sit

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Shaking Legs Syndrome is caused by restlessness and a compulsive disorder. However, this syndrome is curable. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-some-people-shake-this-legs-when-they-sit ]
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Why do people shake their legs while sitting??
Usually it is just a bad habit. Other times maybe they just want to "go" really badly. It is never a good manner to shake your legs.
When people shake their legs while sitting, is that a nervous or ...?
a rythmic shaking of the leg sometimes relaxes me...so yes...i would say its because of nervousness or anxiety.

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Why do some people shake one leg up and down really quickly when they sit?
Q: I do this and I notice others do too. Whay do people do this?
A: Habit or comfort like a "blankie". I do it too. For me, it's habit.
Why do guys shake their legs shake their legs when they are sitting down?
Q: All the guys at my school shake their legs when they are sitting dowm. It gets pretty annoying after awile expecially when they are sitting right beside you. I meen y do they do that? i know this has nothing to do with realationships but.....
A: I think its just because we have too much energy. This is probably common in guys who don't do much because all the energy theyve gained in that day is still pulsing through them and is finding a way to spend itself.Just tell them to stop next time.
Why do guys shake their legs so much when they're sitting?
Q: ...like when they sit down and across their legs (it makes like an "L" shape).I know two guys that have done this, and I am sooo curious. Is it because they were nervous, or maybe had a 'guy' urge, or what?Please let me know.
A: Its because we have an itch and have to adjust ourselves a lot. And you don't wanna do it in front of everybody so sometimes you shake your legs, it moves things. And takes care of the itch. And underwear ride up there a lot. It makes them fall down. And its just a habit I guess also. I hope this solved your mystery!

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