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Why do some people abuse their dogs

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Most people who abuse animals don't do it on purpose. They hurt animals because they don't think about or realize it. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-some-people-abuse-their-dogs ]
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Why do people abuse dogs?
because some people hate dogs or are on drugs.
How do people abuse their dogs and why?
some people abuse their dogs by kicking them or by having them for fighting. they use them for fighting to usually make money or just for fun
Why do people abuse sled dogs?
Because they see the dog as only a tool that can be replaced.

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why do so many people on this list abuse their dogs?
Q: there are so many who dont train properly, dont worm or deflea, feed their animals human foods, dont take them to a vet when they are sick and instead ask stupid questions here, like "my dog is soo sick what do i do??".... why??
A: because they are ignorant and uneducated and refuse to help themselves i becoming so BEFORE they buy a pet.fleas and worms bring disease, infection and can KILL your dog.Human food can kill your dog and/or give him nutrition problems.ALL these things are called neglect and abuse, and yes, you have a legal responsibilty to provide for your animals needs..
How do you define dog abuse and can people be tried in court for not taking care of their dogs?
Q: I live in the country and my neighbors have dogs along with many other people who live near by. Everyone else can keep their dogs in their yard, however one of my neighbors can't. Their dogs are always coming into our yard and disturbing us. They are barking non-stop at early hours in the morning and are never inside their house. Even with the horrible weather conditions we had this winter the dogs were living in a garage. Just tonight on of their dogs started a fight with another dog. My dad along with another neighbor argued with the dog's owner about controlling him yet he simply said he was trying to train it and walked away. He's had this dog for over a year and a half! If anybody knows about dog abuse and if this categorizes within it please respond. This dog is a nuisance and i want to get back to the peacefulness of the country.
A: What is considered abuse and neglect is different in different locations.However, I don't think this would be considered abuse or neglect in any area. Dog abuse cases are notoriously hard to prove. However, allowing the dog to roam unrestrained could be a legal matter depending on the leash laws in your area.
why do some dogs suddenly turn on their owners for no apparent reason?
Q: I have a hard time believing that dogs suddenly turn on their owners for "no reason" Obviously an abused dog would get fed up and bite eventually, but what about all the seemingly well-cared for family pets owned by average people? Why do they go nuts and bite?
A: Some dogs are irritated when they are being touched while they eat or just being touched too much especially with younger kids.

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