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Why do people zone out

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They may have trouble focusing on certain tasks and subjects. It could be a sign of attention deficit disorder. ChaCha for now! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-people-zone-out ]
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Why do people zone out?
It's the reefer dude, it's common for someone that smokes reefer. You'll never see a successful guy that zones out or smokes reefer, so stop smoking it, man. Get your life in order, and get on with your great life, you're young. If you want...
What Is the Zone Diet?
Summary: The zone diet refers to a meal plan that includes 40 percent carbohydrates, 30 percent protein and 30 percent fat at one time, which is a great way to start learning about food content and its effects on the body. Learn about the z...
What is the subduction zone
a subduction zone is an area on Earth where two tectonic plates meet and move towards one another, with one sliding underneath the other and moving down into the mantle, at rates typically measured in centimeters per year.

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Why do firemen put blankets over people coming out of a fire zone?
Q: I'm not referring to people who are running around and burning alive. I mean, just people who have been rescued from a building or a fire zone. I'm curious. What purpose does the blanket serve? To keep the person warm? Standard operating procedure? Please enlighten me.
A: People in traumatic situations like that tend to go into shock which might make a person feel cold or shiver. Has to do with the body's response to stress.
Why its very difficult to get out of our comfort zone?Why people hesitate to take risks?
A: I think it's because it feels safer to continue on a known path. People fear the unknown simply because it's unknown.
Why are people so addicted to zoning out from everybody on their iPods?
Q: I get frustrated when I'm out with friends and several of them loudly announce "I"m going to listen to my iPod now so no one talk to me!!!"And then theyre all just sitting there in silence being all rude not really socialising like people used to. Why do people do this?Do you do it? What motivated you to need to zone out in the presence of other people? Please tell me all you can! Thanks!
A: i dont know about the PA you spoke of. but i ignor ppl while listening to my ipod sometimes because they are straight up boring. the earphones are an easy way to politely say "leave me the f alone!". i sometimes am not even listening to music, i just put in the earbuds to have an excuse not to interact w/ someone.but when im w/ freinds, i never take out my ipod b/c i want to talk with them. :D

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