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Why do people kill for fun

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Many offenders develop mental issues when conditions in the home are intolerable but their alternatives are limited. Thanks. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-people-kill-for-fun ]
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Why do people kill for fun?
Life is a cruel thing, but yeah your right to me, killing is bad. People treat differently against human lives and animal lives. But you know what? Mankind was created like that. It's just part of the process of the cycle of life. We can...
Do wolves kill for fun?
For quite some time I thought wolves just killed to eat. It wasn’t until I moved to Alaska and spent time around wolves that I began to gain a new understanding of them. A wolf can only eat about 20 pounds of food before they must rest and ...
Why do people kill animals for fun?
There is no point to killing animals for trophies, or just to kill something. However, hunting is respectable and necessary in some areas. I hunt, and I hunt for meat- the meat goes to good use, and I don't care about trophies. I make sure ...

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Why do I needless kill people for fun?
Q: My garden is getting pretty messy with all those holes I'm digging, is there an easier way?
A: First your saying that you need less killed people and then something about holes in your yard. Whats wrong with you?
why do people kill tigers?do they kill them just for fun?or what is the real reason behind killing tigers?
Q: im a tiger loving person who wants to find out more about tigers and their problems.why do tigers live in zoos with a small cages?
A: There are various reasons for hunting tigers. Sometimes it's out of fear of them attacking people or livestock, sometimes it's for their skins or bones, which are used in traditional Chinese medicine (though they have no proven medical properties at all), sometimes it's just because certain people get some sort of sick thrill out of killing things.As to zoos, whilst it's true that captive conditions in the past were often cruel, the animals being kept in cramped cages and so on (and indeed this is sometimes still the case in some countries), in civilised countries today zoos are carefully regulated - the animals are kept in conditions as close as possible to their natural habitat, with plenty of space, good diets and immediate medical care if they need it. Everything possible is done to ensure that they don't get bored - environmental enrichment is found in all good zoos. The animals will have scenery in their enclosure, things to play with if they're a playful species, and problems to solve in order to get their food, rather than it just being dropped in front of them.It's also important to remember that animals are not taken from the wild and 'locked up in cages'. Animals in zoos are captive-bred - they were born in captivity, as were their parents, grandparents, great-grandparents and so on. They have known nothing else, and have no idea such a thing as the wild exists, so there is no way they can miss it. They are certainly not unhappy - if they were, zoos would not achieve the breeding success they do (unhappy or unhealthy animals do not breed). One might even argue that they are better off in captivity, since they do not have to contend with the constant dangers of the wild - disease, injury, predation, starvation, etc.In today's world, zoos are nothing short of essential. Their main function is conservation. Without captive breeding, many endangered species would now be extinct - for example, the golden lion tamarin, red wolf and Przewalski's horse. I am not for a moment suggesting that we should stop trying to protect animals' natural habitats, but if endangered species such as tigers were to become extinct in the wild (which sadly seems quite likely in the near future), zoos will have preserved them for future generations, with enough genetic diversity that the possibility for reintroduction to the wild exists. In my opinion it would be unforgivable to allow them to become extinct because they were wiped out in the wild due to hunting, habitat loss, etc., and people did not want to see them in captivity. Would you like to have explain to your children or grandchildren that they will never see a tiger except in pictures, because you disagreed with zoos? I certainly wouldn't.Zoos are also vital for education, enabling people to see beautiful wild animals that they would never otherwise get to see, and teaching them about the threats to their species, which hopefully encourages them to respect and protect animals. The money they bring in is used to pay for the animals' food and care and to fund breeding programmes, as well as the employees' wages. Some also goes towards funding the protection of animals in the wild, and their habitats.
Why do some people like to kill innoccent animals for fun?
Q: Some animals have gone extinct because of over hunting, My favorite is the Carolina Parakeet, Anybody know anything about cloning them?
A: Because they are a*******s.

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