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Why do people get sad/depressed

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Depression can be inherited & major depressive disorder is often associated with changes in brain structures or brain function. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-people-get-sad%26%2347%3Bdepressed ]
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Why do I sometimes get sad, depressed or agitated after a session...?
This is a very long answer, so it is on this page instead.
Did you get sad/depressed reading Twilight Series.?
Curse who ever made that books! i hate them my girl made me read all books and total waste of time so gay and boring and non realistic at all. VAMPIRES! WTF! i still have nightmares of horrable the books is sometimes i'll see myself reading...
Does anyone else get sad/depressed around their birthdays?
I've felt like that, but never on a birthday. I get sad feelings for no reason a lot, but I have some depression so that's probably why. Once I was really excited about going to this convention thing with my friends. We went and stayed ther...

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Why are there so many sad depressed people in the world?
Q: Not people who are depressed for a moment, but people who constantly feel alone. For every 8 suicidal and depressed patients that check out, another 8 is waiting to take their beds. How can this revolving door be closed?
A: Mental disorders and chemical imbalances not withstanding, I think we live in a "I'm such a victim society" where people do not want to stand up and take charge of their lives. They get a payoff from being miserable having these "woo is me" tales to tell everyone. Yawn.
When people are nice and sincerely kind to you, do you ever feel scared and or sad/depressed all of a sudden?
Q: Is so, why do you think this happens? I notice that this happens to me a lot. Whenever someone is nice to me I become very very sad and almost to the point of crying. This used to happen A LOT in childhood, but during high school (no one was nice to me) it stopped. Has this happened to you or do you know why this happens?Spinner: Thank you. You knew exactly what I meant/how I felt. Thank you for understanding and you're right.
A: This is because your self esteem was destroyed by your child hood so much that you were convinced that you didn't deserve even the most minute common courtesy. That makes me so sad to know just how you feel. Based on what you have been through, it is normal to feel the way you do. You are not a biological accident and you do deserve to be treated with love and respect, and well as general concern and people to be nice to you because you are a nice person. Don't worry. Take it as it comes, and be sure to give it back to others. Eventually, you will begin to get used to being treated fairly, and start to expect it right now. You will be fine, just give it time and if anyone doesn't respect you the way you feel they should than just ignore them and avoid them if you can. You are on your way to a great healing and this is just a part of the process. Congrads
Why do a lot of people assume black = Goth or Emo and Sad or Depressed??
Q: I saw a question where someone asked what they called someone who wears a black shirt, regular pants, has skater shoes, and black hair with red tips... a bunch of people said Goth or Emo and said some rude things like "Does it involve cutting?"... I was just wondering why a lot of people assume anything thats black or dark is "Goth" or "Emo" and assume that person is sad or depressed.Goth:http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/Gothhttp://dictionary.reference.com/browse/gothEmo:http://www.acronymfinder.com/af-query.asp?Acronym=EMO&p=dictI guess by the first definition I fall into the "Goth" category excluding the makeup and hair. If you ask any of my friends I am the most vibrant and least "sad" "depressed" person in the group. So my question is....Why is black or dark colors always associated with Goth or Emo, thought they originally weren't a clothing style at all..and why is it always associated with being depressed or sad? My guess is because is was associated withdeath or sorrow in the middle ages, during the Bubonic Plague etc. But, I don't see why it has to be associated with that now, we aren't in the middle ages anymore!
A: Black, starting either around or before the Victorian era, was worn at funerals. Thus, black became associated with death and sorrow. Also, since black isn't technically a natural color found in nature such as red, yellow, green, blue, orange, it is also considered non-conformist. We Goths are said to be non-conformist. Furthermore, psychologically, black can cause a sad or depressed feeling and in the subconcious mind, can represent depression. I don't know exactly why, but that is how the mind works. Also, black has been associated with evil and death, so that is why Goths and Emos are sometimes thought of as bad or satanic people. Very sad, I know. Plus, the media portrays those who are depressed or bad as being people who wear black. Unfortunately, black is seen as an anti-color and white as a symbol of purity. But really, black still connects with the whole wearing of the color to funerals in past centuries.Personally, I love the color black and wear it quite a bit. I don't think it should be used as a way to label someone, and I totally agree that people need to stop hating other just based on appearance. Goths are not always depressed or evil, and Emos are not always crying bisexual cutters trying to commit suicide.

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