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Why do people eat their dandruff

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Some people develop a habit of eating dandruff/scabs; causes may include depression, low self-esteem, eating disorders, anxiety. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-people-eat-their-dandruff ]
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Is there a medical condition that causes one to eat their own dan...?
Nope. When you have dandruff, you will feelekg,ml ty tu,u
Do you eat your dandruff? What about scabs?
i eat them both no joke im glad im not the only one who does it! i feel like a freak but i cant help it if anyone knew, i'd be so embarrassed nobody would guess that i do it cause im an average girl but i love eating dadruff flakes and so d...
Why do i eat my snot dandruff ear wax and scabs??
You are freaking gross i think i wanna throw up would you like to taste that as well?

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Why do people eat their dandruff?
Q: They scratch their head and eat the dandruff under their nails, why?! XP
A: ? I have never seen anyone do that!That's strange.hm maybe cause they don't know what to do with it haha that's disgusting though
I eat dandruff?! Why do I do these disgusting habits!!!! Help me!!!!!!!!?
Q: My dandruff dont have a chance to peel and fall off. That is cos, I pick my dandruff and eat it! I got long nails, so sometimes i scratch my hair until my nail feels up with dandruff so I can eat it!! I sometimes eat dead skin behind my ears or inside my ears. I eat wax sometimes!! I know it is a nasty habit but I dont know what wrong with me and why I keep doing this!! I admit I had a bad past, bad childhood, being sexually abused, treated shit by exes, slapped around...been bullied, im fat and I eat a lot of food to help me get through stuffs! I know I got issues!!!Mature comments please, this is a serious question!!!!
A: It's not uncommon so don't worry hon.Often kids who self mutilate (like cutting, burning, picking etc) have habits such as yours. I'm not saying you hurt yourself necessarily, but you've picked up on nervous habits.A lot of people that cut will pick their scabs and eat it. Sorry you had a hard time in the past sweetheart. All the best, take care.
Why do i eat my snot dandruff ear wax and scabs?
Q: am i weird or just crazy?
A: You are freaking gross i think i wanna throw up would you like to taste that as well?

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