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Why do people call psychiatrists "shrinks"

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The word shrink is short for headshrinker, which was a tribal person who decapitated and shrunk heads. Chacha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-people-call-psychiatrists-%22shrinks%22 ]
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Why are psychiatrists called shrinks?
The largest brain in the world was found in the head of an insane man, and the psychiatrist's job is to remedy the psychological problems of people, thereby shrinking their head from border line nuts to a regular or average size.
What do you call those black and white abstract pictures psychiat...?
It's called the Rorschach Test. The images are inkblots that can be interpreted in many ways. How you interpret the image (seeing a scary monster for example, vs. a friendly animal) gives the psychiatrist clues about what is going on in you...
How to Know When to Call Your Psychiatrist
・ Familiarized yourself with the toxicity and overdose symptoms of any medications you are taking. If any ... ・ If medication side effects become intolerable or interfere with your everyday activities, set an appointment ... ・ Call your d...

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Why do people call psychologists shrinks ? or psychiatrists ?
Q: Just womdering.
A: Shrink is an obselete term and the reason is because it refers to "head shrinkers". It is pure slang. Sometimes psychiatrists are even called alienists!
Why do they call psychiatrists a shrink?
A: It's a shortened form of "head shrinker," a term that has been used as a synonym for "psychiatrist" for decades (for example, in Rebel Without a Cause). Basically, psychiatrists were called by this name in films because they mess with people's heads and, well, Hollywood likes to make up slang for everything.
Why do they call psychiatrists shrinks?
A: As it has already been said, they shrink your problems into smaller units so it does not overwelm you.

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