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Why do people always want to fight

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Some people fight because they have been taught to hate others who are seen as different, some people fight for freedom. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-people-always-want-to-fight ]
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Why do blacks always want to fight?
Blame your ancestors! There is so much build up anger, distraught and unfairness that my roots had to go through that it turns into our genetic form. We are defensive and ready to do whatever it takes to be heard. If only YOUR PEOPLE didn't...
Why is it that I always want to fight?
For one reason or another, you have stored enough anger that it has turned into rage, and inflicting it upon other people has become your way of letting it out. Should probably seek therapy, or join some kickboxing classes, martial arts, ta...
How to Deal With a Friend That Always Wants to Fight
There are people in this world that like to fight and argue with friends. Often the tension seems unprovoked and the anger seems undeserved. Several ways exist for dealing Read More

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why do people always want to fight me?
Q: if someone is starting trouble they always want to start on me first. if i'm out with my friends and trouble starts i somehow end up involved, even when i'm out of the way saying nothing. its as if people look out for me in a crowd. i think i might have a face that people want to hit. i've never started a fight but have ended up in a few over the years, and won them.
A: Just spin on your heels and walk away as soon as trouble is spotted on "Radar", I always size a place up when i walk in anywhere, you can spot trouble very quickly if you keep your Radar ON ! You don't need that B.S in your life !
Why do people always want to fight the status quo?
Q: Whats wrong with peaceful existance.
A: Status Quo often refers to ineffective behaviors repeated over and over with everyone complaining and hoping the same act will eventually have a better result. People who go against the grain and seek a solution may be tired of all the complaining, or maybe they want to be successful and move on to better challenges, but status quo must be fixed before improvement can be achieved.
why do people always want to fight me just because of my job?
Q: im a bouncer and there is always people who want to fight me whether i have done anything wrong or not of course not everyone behaves like this but why doe's anyone?i've left out that i also mean when im off duty
A: Natural Alpha male, it helps there ego to just challange you. Also depends if a girl is around or not Is my guess.If they want to fight you, just say.. OH sorry I got HIV man.

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