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Why do i get so angry so easily

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Anger is a natural human emotion, just like happiness, sadness and grief. It is important that you don't hurt yourself or others. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-i-get-so-angry-so-easily ]
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Why do I get so angry so easily?
It's normal for people you live with to drive you crazy, you spend so much time with them they're bound to. It also might be a hormone thing. I went throught the same thing ages 13-15, everything ANYONE did made me want to kill them. Like i...
My sister gets angry so easily. She just spit on me. What do we d...?
Sounds like your sister is having a lot of internal issues she doesn't know how to solve by herself/ how to let out. I think it would be best if you can get hr to speak to a counselor. She's lucky to have a caring sister like you. Please gt...
Why do we get angry so easily?
I think the reason we get angry so easily is because of our hormone's. Some women are sensitive & some of us just have a violent side of us because we are alway's being flirted with & some of these guy's think that they own us. They...

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Why do teenagers get angry very easily? And what are the ways to control anger?
Q: I've once read an article and it stated that the development of our brain during puberty period is one of the factors that cause teenagers to be angry very easily. Is it really true? If so, how does it happen? What has caused teenagers to be angry easily? I'm a teenager myself and experienced this very often. When I was a child, I used to be very cheerful and seldom got angry. But once I reached my puberty period, I tend to be a bit more hot-tempered and very easily get angry. Why? And how? Please tell me, I've been seeking for the answers for years.
A: What you read is correct. Teenagers are also have mood swings. They also don't think things through before they do stuff. They also lack the ability to correctly judge time. Knowing all this, I am very tolerant with my teen daughter. When she is ready to talk, we talk...about absolutely anything. She is very honest with me during our talks because she knows I will not fly off the handle. I show her how to control anger by being in control of my anger.
Why do i lash out to the ones i love and get angry easily?
Q: If i have a pile of something and a thing falls off the pile i get really angry then if something isnt right when im doing things i also get really angry then sometimes when im just sitting down i feel really angry and i hit the person who's next to me (bf) when i know i love him and i dont want to hurt him but i dont realise what im doing and cant control it i feel really weird and i want to stop i dont want to be hurting him what could this be?
A: It could be one of a number of reasons, but the bottom line is you seem intolerant and you would probably be happier if you learned how to be more tolerant.Here's a couple of books you might look over;10 step to positive living, by Windy DrydenOvercoming anger, by Windy Dryden
Why are some people get angry easily while some others don't?
Q: Sometimes, people who were extremely stressful won't easily get mad instead...they have a better anger management. While some don't really stressful, they will get mad easily and scolding people around them just to sooth their anger....y?
A: Unhappiness I think is the main reason of all. A person could dwell into the most stressful circumstances ever in his life, but as long as the stress itself stays within the things that make him really happy, he wouldn't ever mind to get stress about it.But on the other hand, for some people that not really stress with their life but they are not happy because they feel the emptiness and void deep inside their soul even they live in a less stressful life.

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