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Why do I get bored so easily

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Maybe you're stuck in a rut, with not enough to do? Go for a walk, talk to a friend, read a good book, ride a bike, get outside! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-i-get-bored-so-easily ]
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How do people get bored so easily?
I feel exactly the same way as you! When people tell me they're bored, I always think that they must a very boring person, or sad, or something, because there are just so many things to do in the world that one should never be bored! Sure...
Why kids get bored so easily of stories (tales) ?
I think the answer of the question can be a many of things. Students may all have many different interests and the story being told may not interest them, so they tune it out and with having nothing to do they get bored. If the teacher we...
Why Do i Get bored of women so easily?
Sounds to me like you haven't met the right person yet. When you really fall in love you wont fall out of love so easily! Being in love is indescribable - you'll know when it happens, but until then you will often think you are in love when...

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why do people get bored easily?
Q: theres lots of people that get bored easily..why is that? i know this may sound random but i want to know!
A: They have nothing to do.
Why do I get bored so easily?
Q: I get bored SO easily.Honestly, I have to be doing something like every second.And then I get distracted so easily, too. Like, there could be a simple plain white wall, and I could get distracted with it for like an hour. I could just stare at it and yeah. And then at my cousins party, we had a bunch of stuff to do and I got bored with every single thing after a while. Why do I get distracted by the most stupidest things, and why do I get bored so easily?i don't play video games.
A: Sounds like me =/I don`t like it either, i get restless & bored super easilyour attention spans are short & need constant stimulationtry to find something worth doing. Perhaps, you can do something you love? .. Writing, yoga, reading, exercising, sports. Some ideas. Ahh i have done that too, staring at walls. Goodluck
Why do I get bored easily with my relationships?
Q: I've been in serious relationships that lasted years, several, and Now I'm just dating people, but I find a couple of the guys I'm dating so boring. Yawn. There is like Zero, stimulating conversation, etc. Why is this? why can't I just be happy, for that matter, why can't they be happy with me? Why can't people.....?Relationships are impossible!!!!!!
A: you are probably a Gemini. Any relationship takes work.

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