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Why do I feel so unloved

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You probably feel unloved because you broke up with your significant other or a good friend of yours has left you. Keep ChaCha-ing [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-i-feel-so-unloved ]
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Why do I feel so unloved?
Aww, son, its okay. How about a hug?
Why did you feel so unloved?
I didn't feel like I was worth much. I was never good enough at things, never felt pretty enough, and was real hard on myself. I could believe that the Lord died for you and your loved ones, but he could not love someone like me for whateve...
How come i feel so unloved and lonely?
I don't think you're a drama queen; I just don't think you know who you are. You can't please everyone; one person might think you're a gorgeous brat and another might think you're an ugly sweetheart. Honestly though, I don't think people a...

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i feel unloved and alone when i have so many people around me .why?
Q: all my friends have boyfriends and girlfriends.i dont. i get the perverted ones while they get the nicest ones. ive been in a really bad mood lately cause i have the feeling that im unloved. why do i feel this?
A: Nobody likes to be around negative or grumpy people. If you can see you are unhappy because you feel alone; then go to counseling or join a support group so you can find out WHY you feel the need to be with someone.Many times we project our feelings to others; and they pick up these vibes. We are all attracted to happy, positive and healthy people, right? And we all run away from "energy vampires" who contaminate us. So help yourself get out of this negative pattern by being brave, and by working on improving yourself and your attitude. I'm not saying this is easy to do;we all have lifelong patterns that cannot be undone overnight. But with patience, therapy, and a sincere desire to be a better person, we can live more at peace.... and this will show.Examine your life. Make a list of good things and bad things you have. Be honest and see what it is you can change and what you must learn to deal with. Seek professional help and a doctor's opinion as well. Many times we are getting depressed, and we don't even realize it! So visit your doctor soon and see if you need meds to help you focus and feel better.Good luck.
Why do I feel so down and unloved, left out, and alone and sad?
Q: Why do i keep getting this feeling that I want to die or that someone else is going to die. Also, why do I feel like I want to be away from my parents all the time, and why do I feel like I need to hug someone, and why does my mom's boyfriend swear at me all the time???????
A: You should talk with someone preferable a doctor about your feelings. I think that you should just calm down and don't worry about things so much because sometimes things are just out of your hands. As for the parents situation just remember that there will be a day when you will be away from them because you will be grown soon. I don't know why your mom's boyfriend swears at you he might be jealous of you and the close bond that you and your mother share, but don't let it get you down and talk to your mother about it because he definately should not be talking bad to you.Stay positive and focus on things that make you happy when those bad thought come into your mind don't let them consume you.
Q: Well my mom just got a boyfriend and she asked me if I wanted to live with her in New York. It took me a while to think about it but I chose to stay with my dad. But when her and my dad got a divorced 2 years ago she didnt want me living with her. Why would she want me to live with her now? I called her today and told her what my thoughts were. Me and her got in this big argument then she ended up sayin' "now that's the reason I didnt want you living with me. It's because of your nasty attitude." That pissed me off and I start yelling and cussing at her in the phone right as my dad walked by. Now I'm punished. I really regret it. Now I think I'm not loved anymore. I thought that my mom loved me, but apparently she doesn't. My dad never shows any emotion. He never hugs or kisses me. All he does is yell at me and grouded me for no apparent reason. Yet he always talks about my dumb future. My grandma used to love me but she's dead. My closest aunties live across the country. (One in Miami, One in Houston, and One in Compton.) I don't no what to do. It feels like only my friends parents love me. They always offer to do stuff with me. I can't even go hang with my friend for her birthday tomarrow. My crazy dad won't let me. It's gotten to the point where I wake up thinking how am I gonna make it through the day. I barely felt like getting on the internet right now to type this. I feel like crying right now but I don't want my dad to see me because he looks at me weird when I do. It doesnt even matter who I live with because I will still feel unloved. This is how my dad felt as a child and ended up being the way he is. I don't want to be like him. I'm thinking about packing my things and getting a plane ticket to Miami or Houston so I can feel loved. Can you yahoo people help me, and thank you for being there for me.
A: I'm sorry you feel the way you do. I assure you you are loved.. Your father disciplines you BECAUSE he loves you. You shouldn't cuss or yell at your parents no matter how you feel though. One person you can't run away from is yourself, you can pack your things and leave but you can't out run it. You need to sit down without getting angry, without over expressing your emotions and tell your father the way you feel. Open up to him or your mother, they are human beings and have most likely felt like you do sometime in there life. Don't be afraid. Also them separating was not your fault. I can't speak for either of your parents, but don't let your thoughts lead you that way. You future is very important and this is laying the groundwork for your future. Think about if nobody cared where you were, who you were hanging around with, what time you got home, what you listen to, what you watch, what your grades are,whether or not you were getting into trouble, etc...This would be the defintion of NOT being loved. I hope this helps.

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