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Why do I feel so sad today

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I know here in Mississippi it has rained all day, and that's made it a bit of a gloomy day. Brighten your day with a good movie! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-i-feel-so-sad-today ]
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Why do I feel so sad today?
Perhaps you are letting negative factors get the worst of you. Whether it is ignorant people, tough situations, physical or emotional pain - anything can cause you to be down. The key is not letting these things affect you. Be strong beyond...
Why Do I Feel Today Is So Sad?
Yep! I am not a fan of the big V-day. Unfortunately, my big night plans already blew up in my face and my husband is working all night. What a bummer.
Are you feeling sad today?
Whenever you have troubles, just listen to this little acoustic ditty Peter Griffin performs to cheer up his friend Cleveland. It’s his rendition of the B-52’s “Rock Lobster”. read more

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Why do I feel sad today?
Q: I feel more depressed than usual. I don't know why. But today when I was walking my dog, it was really hot and about 30 min later during the walk, I felt something in my heart. Like a feeling of anxiety, or butterflies in my stomach. After that I just teared up. I cried a little but I don't know why.Also summer is coming and it just seems more depressing. All my friends are doing something and I feel left out. I also have difficulty of sleeping seeing how hot it is.
A: Honestly I think you answered your own question. I'm guessing the heat triggered your thoughts about Summer and feeling left out. Maybe make some changes so you don't feel so left out? I hear you about trouble sleeping when it's hot. I hate that.
why do i feel sad today (its my birthday)? is it bc im getting old. :(?
Q: i turned 19 today, and i feel so old, i cant help it it feels like i havent accomplished much in life, i can't even draw. and im in college so im stuck in the dorms, my family and some of my friends told me hapy b-day...but i still feel depressed.Why? Im getting so old. :'(
A: Happy Birthday. Wish you all the best on your Birthday. Even though you may become old physically, I think mentally you can still remain young for ever.
Poll: I feel sad today why doesn't anyone answer my Q's anymore have I done something wrong?
Q: or do you have to ask a Stupid question just to get answers. After all this site is called Yahoo Answers.
A: Don't worry kid. Sometimes its hard just to get 5 people to answer a question.Believe me, you ain't doing nothin wrong.

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