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Why do I feel so empty inside

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You could be depressed and may need to talk to someone. Symptoms of depression: ongoing sad, anxious or empty feelings; MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-i-feel-so-empty-inside ]
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Why do I feel so empty inside?
You kinda answered yourself. It is because of the loss you had. With such a bond of both family and friendship its caused a great deal of emotional trauma. Try to get some help from a local pastor if your religious, if not talk to family or...
Why do batteries make me feel so... empty inside?
They aren't as filling as say, gasoline. I had two triple A's for breakfast this morning...I feel empty too, my friend.
Why do I feel so empty inside emotionally after my divorce??
you feel that way, because that spot in your heart use to be occupied by someone you loved and loved you. Somewhere allong the lines of life, things were said from both directions and divorce seemd like a light at the end of the tunel... on...

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why is it that sometimes i feel empty inside and I feel like crying ?
Q: sometimes i just feel empty inside as if i'm missing somethingand i feel like crying so badly so i just want to know why i feel that way ?no stupid asnwers please :)
A: I know how you feel. I had the same empty feeling for a very long time. You sound like your depressed, and if its clinical than you'll need to see a doctor and probably a therapist. I know i had to. In the mean time, take a hot bath, listen to your favorite songs, and take many deep breaths. Looking on the bright side may not be always easy, but thats what you need to try to do. Please, tell your parents, or if you live on your own, go see a doctor. I really wish you the best of luck!
Why do I feel so empty inside?
Q: I was remembering my cat today and now I feel so empty. She died one year ago. I have three cats now but I still feel empty when I think about her. Why?
A: That's perfectly normal. You loved your cat and you still love her. It shows you have a good heart as well. Pets are very important to us humans. They depend upon us and we depend upon their love.I'm sorry to hear about your loss. But you will get through this. Let your friends and family know how you feel--seek comfort from others. Be strong. You'll be just fine.=)
Why is the pressure to succeed and live the “American Dream” is leading people to feel empty inside?
A: Because at some point in the last few generations, the "American Dream" stopped being about a quality of life and started being about material wealth. It used to be that money was a means to live the American dream - have a family, a home in which to raise them, a secure job to provide for them. Now money is the end in itself. Why wouldn't people feel empty when their highest ambition is to become rich in currency rather than rich in spirit?Peace to you.

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