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Why do I feel like something is missing in my life and why does that feeling make me cry

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Depression can often lead to many of the feelings you are expressing. Try calling 1-800-448-3000 to talk to someone who can help. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-i-feel-like-something-is-missing-in-my-life-and-why-does-that-feeling-make-me-cry ]
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Why do I feel like something is missing in my life and why does t...?
Depression can often lead to many of the feelings you are expressing. Try calling 1-800-448-3000 to talk to someone who can help.

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I thought I was ok with the break up but now I feel off like something is missing why?
Q: My gf of a year and a half broke up with me yesterday and for the most part after drinking all night last night and ending up with some random girl I was feeling hunover but good. I even got rid of everything that reminded me of my ex and her phone number her letters emails and even her off of my messenger. She found out through one of our friends that I did all of this and that I was with some random chick she flips out and says how she doesnt want to hear about how great i am without her and it proves I never loved her. Her reasons for ending things is that I wasnt there for her like I was when I wasnt in college and that I never showed her that loved her and that she didnt feel like she was my gf and she felt like she had to leave up to the hype of my ex before her that I was engaged to. Anways our friend asked me to step in and show I still care so I talked to my ex and asked her "after all this is said and done what will you remember?" she said all the good times with me, so I told her thats all we both need to move on and be fine in life. She then says" we cant go back to the past and thats that i have nothing to say to you goodbye" So in my mind I'm like what a prick so I was mad and I sent a email telling her I got rid of the dog we shared and she called my brother crying asking if it was true and he told yeah caz I did. So now Idk I feel weird like something is missing even though I am a guy I feel like crying or getting drunk. What should I do? Should I move on? Should I try to win her back?
A: You feel bad because it's just a break up, of course you aren't going to be better immediately. I guess you take time to get over it.
Why do I feel so empty on the inside, like somethings missing?
Q: I'm in the tenth grade, I have many hobbies such as art, i love music, i mostly get along with my family, my grades are good, and im generally in a happy mood, and i have a few good friends. But for some reason, I just feel like theres something missing? I always get this sinky feeling of dread in my stomach. I always feel restless and like my life just isnt complete, likes theres a missing piece of the puzzle. It's bothering me. I can't usually go to sleep thinking "Gee this day was great", because I always feel like theres something missing in me. Sometimes I feel like crying because I'm so frustrated with this feeling of emptyness. I'm NOT depressed, theres just this feeling in me thats longing for something. I feel like I would be on top of the world if this emptiness was filled. please help me!
A: I know you're going to cringe a little at my answer, but stick with me. I'm not a crazy or a poser. I'm just somebody like you, only a little older, who spent most of her life feeling just like you do. There's a saying that "In every man is a God shaped hole." I believe that. I believe that's what you're feeling. I also believe in God. It's not easy to believe in God these days. He doesn't get the press he used to, and nobody who is anybody believes anymore. But I believe. The moment I stopped dictating the form He must take, the rules He must have, He came when I called. He moved in my life when I asked. And He showed me that the bible isn't a product of religion but most religion is the distortion of the bible. Don't let the radicals and the lost souls scare you off. Get a copy. Ask for guidance. Let go of your own rules and go looking for His. Skip the Old Testament. Read the New. John is a great place to start. Open your mind to things that are outside yourself and you'll begin to discover them. When you do, you'll feel that hunger inside being fed. You'll find peace. We humans are an arrogant bunch. We live on a tiny little speck of dust, amidst an endless universe, but we insist that anything we can't understand doesn't exist. Your heart is telling you otherwise. Go looking. Don't be afraid to be humbled. Just a few facts to consider: Andromeda, the nearest galaxy to the Milky Way is 15,000,000 light years away. It contains 17,000,000,000 planets. There are infinite galaxies in the universe. My mind can't grasp the concept of even a single light year, much less 15,000,000. I'll never understand God. I'll never reach him. But if I set aside my vanity and that of my family and my people, He'll come. And when he does you'll never feel empty again, even when life isn't so wonderful. And don't ever let anyone convince you that religion equals God. He'll teach you who he is. He's the only one who can.
why do i feel depressed? i feel like my life is sh*t and there nothing for me to look forward to?
Q: i feel really depressed, i feel like i have nothing to look forward to in life, and iv only just left school! i feel like i want to cry all the time and moan about how sh*t my life is, i dont know why i feel like this, and if i knew id stop it :( my boyfriend doesnt know i feel like this and i dont know if i shoudl tell him incase he thinks im crackers but his mum told me he feels depressed and could his depression be rubbing off on me? i feel like i have no life at all, with me just leaving school i dont go out, not even on a weekend and if i do all i do is sit at my boyfreidns mums house with my boyfriend, its a laugh but i miss my old life, im not saying i want to be single because i really love my boyfriend and we've been through a lot together. i feel like everyone walks all over me, and i always go out of my way to help people out when they need it but when i need something they just brush me off and get ret like a mug :( am i been silly? or is this life?but my boyfriend wont go anywhere with me , hes on tag so we cant stay out past 8, and .. i think i might take the 1st answer n find God
A: WOW! you sound just like me 3 months ago. i'm the exact same way everyone walks all over me and i let them. But one thing you can do to spice things up is make plans to go somewhere every weekend. go to the park, bowling,lasertag, get a new pet. It jsut sounds like your bored with life. This too shall pass. remember Give more. Expect Less. Love Often.

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