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Why do I feel invisible

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Stand with your arms crossed behind your back. Your shoulders will get pulled back automatically. This projects confidence. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-i-feel-invisible ]
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Why do i feel invisible?
Well sometimes you can't do anything about it but i mean maybe you can! I would say to make new friends! GOOD LUCK! -Amanda Smiles
Do You Ever Feel Invisible?
At home I pretty much am invisible. My brother barely ever talks to me unless he wants to know where my mother is or if he wants me to do something for him. My mother is just a b**** lately and hasn't taken me to a drive thru eatery or brou...
Do you feel "invisible" on AB at times??
Sometimes. Especially when some of the people I spoke to the most, aren't here anymore. I'm answering more then I comment these days. I'm not used to it.

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Why do I feel invisible around people, no one cares what I have to say and whenever I talk I get cut up.?
Q: I feel like since I started college I have become invisible to people. I am a chatty sort of person and always make the effort to start conversations with the people in my class but I get cut up. They always seem more interested in what someone else has to say and I don't understand it. It isn't to do with looks as I would say I am pretty and it isn't for lack of effort either I always chat. What should I do ?
A: Maybe you're just too good to be true. People envy you so much because you know all the answers at hand. Just try to listen to them first before conversing your ideas with them. In this way, you say the best for last. And besides, listening is the being of understanding. You're brilliant! Find the right timing :)
Why do I sometimes feel Invisible?
Q: Sometime I feel just invisible. Like I can be in a room with lots of people, but no one ever really notices me. Sometimes I feel like I drift aimlessly around people but no one ever cares. It seems like no one ever sees me, no matter where I go. And no I am not suicidal, other than this I have a great life.
A: Wish I had an answer but I don't. I do however know exactly how you feel. I've had that feeling my entire life but I've learned to accept it, guess that's just who I am. I used to go to parties with friends and they'd end up talking with everyone else and I'd still end up sitting by myself. As I got older it seemed I was this magnet that would draw all the annoying people to me that no one else wanted to talk to. There are times, now that I have children, that you get involved with others and it seems you matter, they see you, and believe me there will be times in your life you'll wish you were still invisible. It can feel lonely at times but believe me you'll have your times where you're a shining star.
Why does nobody seem interested in me or listen to my stories ? I'm starting to feel invisible. It's so hard?
Q: I'm starting to feel like I'm not normal and it's so depressing.
A: Its life sometimes it stops and its like you dont exist and the next day it can be diffrent .You are normal people are just weird

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