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Why do girls stay with men that treat them badly

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I think some women feel that they can change men. If a man is mean, then she can change him and make him nice. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-girls-stay-with-men-that-treat-them-badly ]
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Why do girls stay with men that treat them badly?
Some women crave attention - any attention - and they stay with a person who gives it to them. Others could be raised in an abusive home and do not feel genuinely loved unless they were treated badly. Some have always been around men who tr...

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Why do so many allow men to treat them so badly?
Q: I have noticed that hundreds of women have been asking the same old questions lately!Why does he ignore me?Why does he yell at me?Why does he talk to me so badly?Why does he hit me?Should I stay with him after he beat me?Why does he cheat on me?He hasn't called in weeks, should I call him?He flirts with so many other girls, why?He acts like he's bored with me lately, why?And the resounding question is always: WHAT SHOULD I DO? SHOULD I TAKE HIM BACK? HOW SHOULD I HANDLE THIS?I am really sad to hear these questions simply because women should know their value and display it, it's the only way a man will treasure it. If women don't command respect, if women allow a man to treat them any way he wants, why should he stop treating them badly or do things any differently?What in the hell is going on lately with women?
A: From a guy's point of view, I think many women have insecurity issues. Worse yet, many men recognize this and prey upon women like these you have mentioned.
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Should I let my mum carry on running my life at the age of 27?
Q: I know that this question may sound stupid to people of western culture. You are probably asking yourselves "Why is she allowing her mother to run her life at the age of 27?"The thing is, my life has been different. I was 17 when my older sister started dating a white guy and non- muslim against my mother's wishes. My mother rules the house, as my father is unwell and I was brought up in England.At the age of 6, I was sent to a man's house here in England. Lots of children went. We had to read the arabic of the Qu'ran but we did not learn the meaning of the words. We were told that God likes it. He would hit us over the head with a washing up pipe. It was rubber and bendy. Every time I made a mistake, I was hit. I would also get the occasional smack from my mum and dad at home. They are both Indian muslims. It's okay for teachers to hit kids over there so many parents and about one hundred other parents found this perfectly acceptable.I was one of those kids that were unpopular and "ugly" with jam jar glasses and skirt up to my ankles at school. I grew into a pretty girl but my past shattered my confidence.When I was 17 and my sister went with a white guy, my mother accepted it. She even let him stay in our home for 8 months while they were looking for somewhere to live in our city. But she told me never to follow my sister's footsteps and to marry a muslim.I tried dating a muslim at the age of 18 and he hit me a couple of times so I dumped him. I believe that I only went out with him to please my parents and I lost my virginity to him rather painfully.I then went out with a black guy for 4 years on and off but it was never serious. We were always more like best friends.The last boyfriend was Jamaican and my mum found out about it. She found out just as him and I were breaking up. He treated me badly but I was used to men treating me badly practically all my life so I stayed with him 9 months. When I fell pregnant to him, I did not even question keeping the baby. I had an abortion. I ended up telling my mother about the abortion after she found out about him. My mother said that I had done the right thing. I wondered if I could have kept the baby if I had different parents.My mother preaches at me to marry a muslim. What difference would that make to me? Muslims can be oppressive. A muslim man who drinks himself and sees me drink and go to a club too assumes I am a s*** ,because to muslim men, only s****y muslim girls go out to clubs and drink. A muslim man who does not go out and drink would preach at me and not allow me to go out. I don't go out that much. I mostly just go on people's birthdays or special occasions.I moved out of my home in July 2008. I could not bear being there anymore. I had lived away between age18-24 for university. I went home in 2006 after university, as I had no money. But, even now, my parents continue to get to me.My younger sister has, apparently, found a muslim guy in the city in which she is studying. I believe that she is lying about him to my mum.So, now the pressures on me. A black guy in a bank the other day who must have known me through a friend said "Hi" to me the other day and she said that he is a bas**** in punjabi and that he looks like a black fly. She then told him to F off. I was incredibly embarrassed.Today, at the bus stop, a black guy was in front of us in the bus queue and she kept talking about him and swearing at him in punjabi. She kept hugging me and kissing me. She must have hugged me about 20 times in the space of 30 mins and she kept trying to stare him out. I regretted going to spend the day with my parents, but it had been more for my father, who was with us, than her. I am very angry with her. My feelings conflict. Sometimes I want to just cut her out of my life completely but the thought of losing her makes me cry my eyes out because she is still my mum despite everything. She doesn't have much money but has taken to getting me watches and bracelets lately, for which I try to pay her back. I think she sees that I have become distanced. I got angry one day and told her that I couldn't keep my baby because of her. She looked shocked. I felt bad for saying it but I couldn't take it back. I don't want to lose her but I find myself becoming more and more distant. I just want to leave this city sooner than I am supposed to (September to do my diploma)I feel torn and hurt and angry. I just want to live my own life but for her to stop being racist and telling me how to live. I don't even follow Islam. I believe in God but that's it. I don't like the way Islam treats women. I hate it. I wish I was born a Buddhist.
A: Please don't hate your mom. That is the way she was brought and she simply passed it on to you. You have every right to your own feelings and you need a big distance between you and your mom. You have depended on on your mom far too long. Stand on your own two feet. When you have proved to yourself that you no longer need your mom, then and only then can you reestablish a mother daughter relationship.r

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