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Why are people so nosey

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We just can't help ourselves, who doesn't like to pry into the affairs of others? ChaCha again! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-are-people-so-nosey ]
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They're stupid and ugly like Victoria Skehan.
They're bored and lonely. Try to be understanding. Older people often don't have a lot going on in their lives and any excitement is better than none. Just remember some day we will all be old, if we're lucky. Everyone gets curious. Some pe...
It's been a while since I was preg with my 1st, so I can't really remember if I got nosy questions or not. I'm not showing all that much yet with this one, so none yet. I've always thought it's sort of inappropriate for someone to ask when ...

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Why are people you work with sooo nosey?
Q: I mean i only work with these people - does that entitle them to know all about me! it really annoys me how nosey they are - i dont class any of them as friends so why should they know my business?
A: they are nosey because they don't have a life or no business so they want to be all up in yours. and they shouldn't know any of your business unless yuo want to tell them!
Why are people so damn nosey concerning me?
Q: I mind my own business and keep to myself. I don't bother anyone. I just do my work. Still, I find that people are always watching me and talking about me and causing dramas around me. I can literally sit in a corner and end up in the middle of something negative. People get angry at me and accuse me of 'ignoring' them when they don't even say hi. If they don't say hi and neither do I, how is that ignoring?
A: You kind of sound like the drama there... people are always watching you? No one can just accidentally "end up" in the middle of drama. Maybe people say hi but since you are keeping to yourself so much you don't notice and don't say hi back, and then they think you're rude and that's how you end up in the drama. Sometimes being so withdrawn can be perceived as arrogance & snobbery.
Why do people ask so many questions? are they nosey or inquisitive?
Q: Why do people ask so many questionsare they just nosey or inquistive? Will people who are just nosey say that they are inquisitive? Do inquisitive people get o better in life as they have all the answers to all the question that they have ever asked? or does knowing too much Harbour you? Oh and why does my dog not do as she is told?
A: probably to get more points..lol...and noseiness!....my dog does not do as she is told either!

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