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Where does anger, jealousy come from

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When it comes to someone feeling jealous without apparent causethe number one reason is because of fear. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/where-does-anger%2C-jealousy-come-from ]
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Where did hate, jealousy, anger come from.....Was it adam and eve...?
Not sure where it came from, but surely they take us to hell in a blink of an eye.

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Where does hate, bitter, anger, jealousy come from?
Q: If God nor the devil exist, where does the idea, of hate, bitterness, jealous, anger, happiness, and lying come from? the man that come up with the idea of computers where did he get it from. Everything that is made came from the earth, so who was the one who put the idea of computers, telephones, vehicles, scientist, doctors, lawyers, where do these ideas come from. What was the first book written and who gave that man the knowledge and the understanding to learn how to read and write from the very beginning of life? So many people go out of their way to prove evolution exist because of what scientist tells them. how do you know scientist is telling 100% truth. I have seen where scientist have been proving wrong and a lot of scientist come to believe in God through their own studies. I put my trust through experience. not by just what people tell me. If I'm a nut for listening to God then you are a nut for listening to the devil (that little voice in your head who you think is you).
A: From sin and satan. God is pure and holy he is sinless, he is the greatest, I love him sooo much :)
where did the saying true colours come from?
Q: I hate the way this saying is used. It alwasy uttered if someone does something wrong, it's hardly ever positive apart from that famous song. Where does it come from? Is our true colour anger, sloth, bitterness, jealousy???? I wish my true colour was purple..
A: Most commonly, "true colours" are used in the phrase showing one's true clours: Revealing one's true intentions, personality, or behaviors. Origin: Colour(s) has numerous meanings. An early use of the word is flag, pennant, or badge. Early warships or pirate ships often carried flags from many nations on board in order to elude or deceive the enemy or target. The rules of engagement called for all ships to hoist their true national ensigns before firing a shot. The negative connotation comes from the use of the term in that context. A person who finally "shows his/her true colours" is acting like a warship or a pirate ship which hailed another ship while flying a false flag, but then hoisted their own "true colours" when they got within in firing range.
Why does jealousy turn to anger when it comes to relationships?
A: Jealousy turns into Anger because yourr hurting. xx

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